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Pumpkin House

Pumpkin House

Daily Ravings

AN occasional homage to crazy people ranting on teh inturwebs.  These are quote I just happen upon whilst eyeballin online stuff.  Stuff like this –

Maybe after you scumbags have taken away all of the jobs and kicked everyone out of their homes and given it all to the rich, then your great Theocracy will be born.

…. but even  more amusing, as I start taking closer note of it.

He Wuvs His Wookie

wookie wuv

Wednesday, the Evil Cat

Wednesday the Evil Cat, copyright 2008

Givin’ th skunk eye…

Michelle Obama Skunk eye

No Cat Farts

International symbol for No Cat Farts

Mad bomber hippo

mad hippo bomber

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Moar Faggots (1980s)

Mr Brain’s Pork Faggots

Disturbing Cake of the Day

Nothing says "festive" like a stormtrooper taking a dump

Star Wars / Civil War Reenactors…

… go together like a horse and carriage.

star wars geeks at civil war reenactment

Civil War reenactors are joined by culture reenactors who got into the fun at the Ohio Statehouse lawn to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dang!  There’s a pirate, even. Oh, and a Ghostbuster.  No, wait. Two Ghostbusters.  Kinda losing control of the theme here, guys?

This is just horrifying

horrifying tranny spock street art

“Hispanic or Latino” as special ethnic case?

Bacon Rocket!

“Suspected” 130-pound catfish caught in Missouri River

OK…  the political correctness is getting out of hand… we have to wait or a jury trial to call a catfish a catfish?

wow that catfish is big

One big damn catfish

What’s the Hot Trend in Neo-Nazi Flags?

According to racism enthusiast, Charles Johnson…  the state flag of Tennessee!

Crap I’ve recently posted on facebook!

What th… what? (Teddy Bear Video)

… I wonder what this would be like, set to the Crazy Russian song?

Can’t… get… crazy…. Russian… song… out… of… head….

Quote of the Day : Spinal Tap

“Give me reincarnation, or give me death”

A Meghan McCain LOL

The Interwebs Say the Darnedest Things

The Kampfy Chair.

Kampfy Chair

Well, I guess if Benito can have an app, Penguin can give Adolf this…