Been a long, been a long time…

Wow.  Late 2014?  That was a helluva coma.

That’s, like, *totally* Kafkaesque….


I’m an organization now.

Yup.  Now accepting contributions.

Apparently, this is an album cover

weird pool party with panda bear

Whatever.  It’s awesum.

Dance like nobody is watching

dance like no one is watching

QotD : Schnauzers

Haters gonna hate; Schnauzers Gonna Schnauze

Not just Smug – *Facebook* Smug

I'm sorry do my posts about equal rights gub violence helping   poor and standing up for the right all americans access affordible healthcare smug annoy you food instagram facebook right off a cliff lemmings

More than *anyone* wants to know about Elizabeth Warren

The  Elizabeth Warren Wiki

So if you want to know more than you want to know about Elizabeth Warren, follow the link.  It is teh wiki.

… also, I can kill you with my brain.


Hangover Rabbit

Rabbit getting grunk hydar

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ― Edgar Degas

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ― Edgar Degas


The highlight for me is around 01:18, when Warren over-emotes.  Hiarity!

1,000 Days

A red button with "1000 Days" on it.

1000 Days since Obama had a budget

Tonight it’s time for Obama to tell us how wonderful everything is…. but not so wonderful that he has to answer for it during the election.  Yay.


Neon Sign – Cafe Vesuvio

neon nekkid zatfig woman

(click for source)

Santorum winning? Wow….

This is  becoming an interesting race.  Of course, last I heard, he was just up by five votes.  Dang….


Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator who for months languished at the bottom of Republican polls, may be hard-pressed to repeat his Iowa performance, where his solid conservative stances on social issues like abortion and gay marriage resonated with Republican voters. It’s not clear whether the message will work as well in states where the economy is a bigger issue or if he can come up with the funds or organization to sustain a national campaign.

Also, he has yet to face the intense scrutiny that has caused other conservative challengers to Romney to wither as soon as they climbed to the top of polls.


Zeno’s Advent Calendar

Zeno's advent calendar cartoon from xkcd

Drunk Octopus

Drunk octopus wants to fight you

Venn Diagram

venn diagram explaining platypi or is it platypuses?

Zombie Poodle!

awesome zombie poodle

On the “rubber brain” circuit…

Obama eating a brain


No H8

zombie equal rights

Evolution of the Hipster

Zombie Panhandling!

Found at Rude Pundit.

Dressing your pet for Halloween? Harmless fun?

Here’s where it leads.  You tell me.

The Frosting Dead

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