Hey! Someone still bothers to read Charles Johnson!

I stumbled on Diary of Daedalus while surfing.  I guess someone is reading LGF on a regular basis, anyway.  It became so tedious after the initial meltdown that I haven’t bothered much.


What’s the Hot Trend in Neo-Nazi Flags?

According to racism enthusiast, Charles Johnson…  the state flag of Tennessee!

Yeah, pretty much what I thought…

Charles Johnson just confirmed it.  Basically, Little Green Footballs has gone into lockdown mode because his ideology is driven his own petty hatreds.  It’s a shame; a couple years back, LGF was a decent site with a free exchange of ideas.  Now, the slightest peep of dissent becomes a ban three minutes later.

Plenty of more interesting sites out there, but it’s a shame to see one descend into darkness…

Update : the folks over at Blogmocracy do a pretty good review of The List of Evil.

Wow.. Charles Johnson *has* gone nuts.

I’d heard he was going into full Jihad mode against dissent over at LGF, but … wow. I posted a single comment expressing doubt the shocking-ness of the list of Limbaugh quote he snaked from “Media Matters”. (Posted – Sun, Oct 18, 2009 6:05:16pm ) and my old comment account from long ago was turned off (Timestamp – Sun, Oct 18, 2009 6:08:20pm).


I can kinda see why some folks were annoyed enough to start the “other” Little Green Footballs.