Ah, the power of a sentence fragment

Of  course, the idea that any website, magazine or newspaper that publishes opinion pieces always  publishes 100% truth is laughable.  Still the quote where the World Net Daily guy “admits” publishing  “some misinformation by columnists” is traveling all over teh inturwebs today.  Fun!

“Nom” doesn’t really apply…

So what is the correct word for what this little feller is doing?

Maybe there’s a Russia word in the title. Dunno.

Censored by Facebook!

OK, a fair cop, but society’s to blame.

Gloria Allred's Cloven Hooves - BANNED!

Facebook message to yours truly

You find the oddest things on teh inturwebs

Like this image…

obama needs to make up his mind, apparently

It kinda reminds me of this inanity  :

… which of course, is about as sensible as :

Racism Enthusiast Charles Johnson still lookin’

This cracks me up.  Ol’ Chaz Johnson now thinks that people who make fun of Michelle Obama’s gaffe are … racist!

At a tea party in South Carolina over the weekend, former GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo said about President Obama: “If his wife says Kenya is his homeland, why don’t we just send him back?

Absolutely unbelievable. This kind of unabashedly racist rhetoric has become completely open on the right wing: “Send ‘em back to Africa!” – source

It’s sad that he desire to find racism trumps any ability to understand context.  Maybe someone should buy him an Abba Zaba.  I imagine he’d giggle like a little schoolgirl.