Finally – Someone in Senate Talks Sense About Debt Limit Increase

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt. ” – Sen Barack Obama (2006)
“We either save this country or we do not. And to save it, we must seek solutions.” – Sen Marco Rubio (2011)


BTW, it’s worthwhile looking at the SF Examiner’s summary of the Democrat Leadership’s extremely partisan votes on increasing the debt ceiling.  They pretty much always vote on partisan lines, economy &c. be damned!

Special Child

Obama as baby moses

Proud Possum Parent

possum pride

WTF Theater Presents…


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Racist racism

Krugman now a *howling* partisan hack…

… as opposed to merely being a plain old vanilla partisan hack.

It seems that he’s now taking the press for task for allowing the conservative side to be given a hearing.  Apparently,President No Plan should be the only voice heard :

No, the cult that I see as reflecting a true moral failure is the cult of balance, of centrism.

Think about what’s happening right now. We have a crisis in which the right is making insane demands ….

blah, blah, blah.

Garfield Minus Garfield

Check it out; pure, online comic genius!

“Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. “

Pumpkin House

Pumpkin House

Don’t quit your day job, Barry

Dude can not tell a joke.  “These are the jokes, folks.”

Oh, wait… does he actually do his day job?

Splendid ( Professor Elemental )

UC San Diego – spam spam baked beans diversity and spam

From the Wall Street Journal

The University of California at San Diego, for example, is creating a new full-time “vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion.” This position would augment UC San Diego’s already massive diversity apparatus, which includes the Chancellor’s Diversity Office, the associate vice chancellor for faculty equity, the assistant vice chancellor for diversity, the faculty equity advisors, the graduate diversity coordinators, the staff diversity liaison, the undergraduate student diversity liaison, the graduate student diversity liaison, the chief diversity officer, the director of development for diversity initiatives, the Office of Academic Diversity and Equal Opportunity, the Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues, the Committee on the Status of Women, the Campus Council on Climate, Culture and Inclusion, the Diversity Council, and the directors of the Cross-Cultural Center, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center, and the Women’s Center.

Spam spam equity spam and diversity. Spam Gender Identity sausage and spam. Spam diversity diversity diversity and spam. Spam diversity tomato and diversity and spam.



America Needs an Adult in the Room

America needs an Adult in the Room

Hot Asian Girl + Giant Steve Buscemi Head = ?

attractive yet disturbing

School House Rocks – Tyrannosaurus Debt

This is kinda cool; apparently someone a couple years ago, someone made their own version of a “Schoolhouse Rock” video.  Kinda cool.

Ms. Magazine sez : “Math is Hard!”

Math Class is tough

Apparently “feminist economist”, Susan F. Feiner isn’t all that woried about unprecedented, out-of-control ballooning debt.  Mostly ‘cuz :

We can just print money to pay it all off! Hooray! In her own words :

There is absolutely no bookkeeping, accounting or arithmetic possibility that the U.S. could “run out of money.” How could we? “We, the people” control the availability of dollars! And that means our government can, during a crisis of unemployment, spend what it wants to spend. Any other fiscal policy will cause more unnecessary pain and suffering.

Besides, this hedge fund manager guy, Barton Biggs, has a plan on which all that borrowed money could be spent.   A Barton is a smart guy, and is probably like totally cute,  so she takes on faith that that  will be AwesomeCool.

For more, read “Math is hard” story @ their website.   It’s main argument involved bird sounds.  Seriously.  Caw caw. See for yourself.

Les Baxter – Soul of the Drums

Soul of the Drums album cover

The ever-changing world of Krugman…

An amusing thing from Mickey Kaus ; Paul Krugman before the failed stimulus :

So what happened to the stimulus? Much of it consisted of tax cuts, not spending. Most of the rest consisted either of aid to distressed families or aid to hard-pressed state and local governments. This aid may have mitigated the slump, but it wasn’t the kind of job-creation program we could and should have had.

Paul Krugman after the failed stimulus :

Now the centrists have shaved off $86 billion in spending — much of it among the most effective and most needed parts of the plan. In particular, aid to state governments, which are in desperate straits, is both fast — because it prevents spending cuts rather than having to start up new projects — and effective, because it would in fact be spent; plus state and local governments are cutting back on essentials, so the social value of this spending would be high

What Happened To My Dreams?


What Happened To My Dreams? - skull doll

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I have a new favorite flavor of Dorito… Tapatío

Daily Ravings

AN occasional homage to crazy people ranting on teh inturwebs.  These are quote I just happen upon whilst eyeballin online stuff.  Stuff like this –

Maybe after you scumbags have taken away all of the jobs and kicked everyone out of their homes and given it all to the rich, then your great Theocracy will be born.

…. but even  more amusing, as I start taking closer note of it.

Energy Crisis? Solved.

circle of life

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