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Power Saw to the People!

Dexter : Power Saw to the People!

Just finished watching Season 5.  Excellent! Among other things, it was great to see Peter Weller as the sleazeball cop.


A Medeley of Venture Brothers music

… sweet …

This is your Spock…


This is your Spock


this is your Spock on Kraken

This is your Spock on the Kraken

Evolution, Homer style

A Lolkirk, for Shatner’s 80th Birthday

kissy face

“Live, Long and Prosper : The Christine Chapel Story”

Coming soon… to Lifetime.

That “Family Guy” Dow’s Syndrome gag…

A commentator in Newsweek makes a good point, that’s gotten lost in all the “controversy” –

The problem with the conversation surrounding the Family Guy episode is that it presupposes that people fall into one of two categories: those who think the joke was funny because they weren’t offended by it, and those who think the joke wasn’t funny because they were. I didn’t find the joke funny, not because it was insensitive to people with Down syndrome or to Sarah Palin, but because it just wasn’t funny. Like, as a joke. Plenty of criticisms have been lobbed at Family Guy, from the quality of the animation, to its reliance on interchangeable, inorganic cutaway gags (see South Park’s two-part take down, “Cartoon Wars”) but the Palin joke is a perfect example of the show’s major shortcoming. The MacFarlane sensibility puts a premium on being offensive, and that’s fine when the jokes are soundly constructed, but too often Family Guy jokes aren’t clever or well written, they’re just shocking. To some people (me included, at times) the shock value is enough to inspire some uncomfortable tittering, but jokes like that don’t stand up to scrutiny. If you take two seconds to think about them, you realize it wasn’t that funny to begin with, and it certainly doesn’t work on a subsequent viewing, when you’re expecting it.

Hitler, on a Unicycle, juggling Fish

… looped, with music.

Good reviews of bad Trek … at the Agony Booth

Just relaxing on teh interwebs and enjoying a review of ” The Outrageous Okona” …

Pop some corn and watch the Outrageous Outrage over Scott Brown

It will be amusing watching these fairly innocuous (though a bit clumsy) comments being spun by the leftie blogs … and media, of course.

News Lady doesn’t know about Ash Wednesday… assumes Biden Battery!

We really do have to get out of the habit of imagining that everyone with a British accent must be smart.

The woman did everything but speculate that Obama beat him and told him to say he was accidentally hit by a door.

“White Like Me”

Herr Olbermann’s tries to play race card, fails.

Update: an article on the subject… also, added a new tag.

Animaniacs – the Presidents

(well, up ’till Clinton)

It had to happen… Robot Andrew Sullivan!

Beaker’s Ballad

A Jaws Parody…

… from the Carol Burnett Show, it seems.

Heh.  A pattern is emerging….

The classic “Dentist” bit – Conway and Korman

Featuring, of course, the standard Tim-Conway-was-too-funny-for-Harvey-Korman-to-hold-it-in…