LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Panels – 2:00pm Saturday Books

1. History: The Fight for Equality

2. Fiction: Behind Closed Doors

3. Fiction: Writing the Fantastic

4. Stories of Survival

LA Coroner’s Office Gift Shop!

Y’know, this blog seems like a great place to mention Skeletons in the Closet, the Coroner’s gift shop.  What with all the hyperbole linking donuts to cancer and other various forms of death, you’d think death-in-general would be on the table.

Anyhoo, the gift shop has had great stuff for years and years..  including body bags, die-cast metal hearse toys, beach towels with chalk outlines and so on.  They are definitely worth checking out.

Ha[[y customer enjoys a chalk outline towel.

Happy customer enjoys a chalk outline towel.