I made lots of typos lately

in my tags.

Back to teh blogging..

… now that my enforced change in employment status has happened.


Some context …

Here are some links back to my other blog, with some random info on this Psycho Donuts thing…

Day 1 : Psycho-Protest

Day 2 : Much Ado About Donuts

Anti-Donut Jihad and Cyberstalking

Starting out – answering my cyberstalker!

Hiya…  I’m starting this blog in response to my first evah cyberstalker.

He’s made some posts about me that seem to violate wordpress’ terms of service (heck, technically, his whole blog does so) … so I dunno how long it will be around.  Anyhoo, here’s the link to Dan Weaver’s blog, so you can see for yourself!

Feel free to check out the hydar blog, which is my main blogateria.