That’s, like, *totally* Kafkaesque….


Dance like nobody is watching

dance like no one is watching

QotD : Schnauzers

Haters gonna hate; Schnauzers Gonna Schnauze

Not just Smug – *Facebook* Smug

I'm sorry do my posts about equal rights gub violence helping   poor and standing up for the right all americans access affordible healthcare smug annoy you food instagram facebook right off a cliff lemmings

… also, I can kill you with my brain.


Zeno’s Advent Calendar

Zeno's advent calendar cartoon from xkcd

On the “rubber brain” circuit…

Obama eating a brain


Superman Reboot

Superman just isn't what he used to be....(LOL by me.)

I have here in my hand a list of 153 structurally deficient bridges

I have here in my hand a list of 153 structurally deficient bridges

Some context – suddenly, there’s 153 bridges about to fall down.  And somehow the first stimulus package forgot to do anything about them.  Oops.


political correctness - wishing common sense into the cornfield

Escape Pod

Dang Where did I park these escape pod?

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…. Krug Man!

Use all resources to fight make-believe aliens

For some context, see this article at Human Events.

Awesomely enough, there is a Advice Krugman meme generator.  Here’s a sample :

Now has a set of Ace’s SCOAMF images, for your stuttering clusterf*ck pleasure.

Wacky Packages

I Can't Believe It's not Better

Katerfrühstück – My Vocabulary Word for the Day

Apparently, it means “hangover cure”.  When I divided it up into “Kater” and “frühstück” Google translate claimed it was “hangover breakfast”.   The that “Kater” “früh” “stück” was “Hangover breakfast early”.

Must ponder that.

Kater frueh stueck

The Obama Presidency in Summary

Proud Possum Parent

possum pride

WTF Theater Presents…

Pumpkin House

Pumpkin House

America Needs an Adult in the Room

America needs an Adult in the Room

Hot Asian Girl + Giant Steve Buscemi Head = ?

attractive yet disturbing

School House Rocks – Tyrannosaurus Debt

This is kinda cool; apparently someone a couple years ago, someone made their own version of a “Schoolhouse Rock” video.  Kinda cool.

Daily Ravings

AN occasional homage to crazy people ranting on teh inturwebs.  These are quote I just happen upon whilst eyeballin online stuff.  Stuff like this –

Maybe after you scumbags have taken away all of the jobs and kicked everyone out of their homes and given it all to the rich, then your great Theocracy will be born.

…. but even  more amusing, as I start taking closer note of it.

Energy Crisis? Solved.

circle of life

(click image for source)

Keep Calm

keep calm and kill mufasa

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