Chroma Cat is Colorful

Chroma Cat

Happy Halloween!

Vampire Cat requests u remove ur collar

Reverse Movers


Felix the Cat and race…

I really do need to give this and this some thought.  Well, “need” meaning don’t need to at all but would like to.  Part of the required research is here :

Naughty Kitty …

… this kitty here …

Man: Naughty Kitty Downloaded Kiddie Porn

… downloaded kiddie porn according to the cat’s owner.  It was a frame up! The cat did it!

Keith Griffin was charged Wednesday with 10 counts of possession of child porn after over 1,000 illegal images were found on his computer, and he claims it’s all the work of his kitty.


Keith Griffin

The 48-year-old Jensen Beach, Fla., man told cops he would leave his computer on and the cat would jump on the keyboard and just like that, the images would appear


Hopefully, this evil cat is not related to Isbn.