Some People are so gullible!

Like this guy.  C’mon, man!  This was basic, third-grade sleight of hand.

It would be fun to play “I got your nose” with him.  It would probably work.

More Democrat Hit Lists

Health Care for America Now (HCAN), which is backed by a coalition of labor unions and liberal groups including ACORN and, organized the protests to target insurance companies and drafted the plan, which describes the demonstrations as part of its “insurance enemies project.”

The field plan says the protests should attract media coverage that “creates villains or enemies that serve as a contrast with our side; validates the need for affordability and the public health insurance option; [and] forces the other side to respond.”

Washington Times

Katrina vanden Heuvel’s Hallucinations

Hee hee…. the editor of The Nation is claiming that  the folks at the 9/12 Tea party in DC were “tens of thousands waving Confederate flags, anti-gay hate signs, and shouting “White Power!”  (In fund raising spam.)

I was there.

I saw a single confederate flag.

I saw zero “anti-gay hate signs”.

I heard one person screaming “white power”.  He was on a street corner, as the tea party folks passed by.  He was against the tea party, not for it.

I guess the means is justified when the end is sufficiently noble… in this case providing propaganda to school kids (read the spam).

spam ad

Obama vs. the Dictionary

Who Are We to Believe, the President or that Lying Dictionary?

Well, Clinton had problems with the meaning of “is”, a mere two-letter word.  Obama has stepped up to three letter words, like “tax”.  Rock on, Dude!

ACORN must be hurting…

The best supporter that find these days is … Roseanne Barr! (At least that’s the featured link on the ACORN fan page on facebook tonight.)

(From Roseanne's "funny" Holocaust photo shoot.)

(From Roseanne's "funny" Holocaust photo shoot.)

Media Matters’ ACORN Fail

Hee hee.

  • Step One – edit out statement that murder … or even existence of husband is known.
  • Step Two – complain that story assumes murder was committed.

Gotta love those “nonpartisan” organizations… especially this one. Heck Media Matters has even obediently picked up on Nancy Pelosi’s weird fixation on assassination… though rather poorly; JFK was killed by a Communist, after all… not an Evil Right Winger.

The problem with going to an event with 100s of thousands of people…

… is that there’s no way you could possibly meet everyone.


found on Jim Treacher’s blog.

Maybe Obama is the Antichrist after all?

After all … DNC promises ‘rain of hellfire’

Then again, their version of “hellfire” is … twitter spam :

One of the tools is a Twitter button that can automatically tweet: “Hey @timpawlenty, quit lying about health reform. … #CallEmOut.”

Which sounds a lot more like “heckfire” to me.

Maybe Obama is the anticripes.


When seeing this :


my first thought was “Brains! Braaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiins!!”.  But then, I thought of :

Acorn Tries to Cry “Foul”, somehow

Acorn issued a statement where they claim that their minion, Tresa Kaelke was just playing along with the investigative journalists as   “defensive attempts to deal with a troubling experience”.  It’s not at all clear why Kaelke allowed the “troubling experience” to go on for about an hour (the length of the unedited video, release an hour or two after the shorter version).

For that matter, it’s not clear what Acorn thinks it will gain by pretending that the full video was “hidden” for soem dark purpose.  It’s publicly available online.

It would be nice if Acorn could name one of the “lies” they are claiming in the title of their page…

Gray Lady’s Reaction?

The New York Times jumped into the fray with a story entitled “Conservatives Draw Blood From Acorn” …  instead of  “Holy Crap! Tax Dollars Used to Help  Smuggle Child Prostitutes!!!”

After all, the only story is how this effects Obama’s standing with his political opponents.


Acorn Offers to Help Smuggle Underage Prostitutes?!?

In worst example of Acorn’s work so far –

It used to be that something like this would have been jumped on by all the major networks, newspapers, radio … everything.  These days, though only Fox News and the LA Times bothered.  Wouldn’t want to hurt Acorn’s old buddy, Obama.  Even Jon Stewart has noticed something wrong here.

Presumably, other media outlets will begin to catch up.  Right?

“Offensivity” One of the best Bloom County strips. Evah.


Here’s (one of the) Actual Pictures of the 9/12 DC Tea Party


(Maybe the drones at Wonkette can go over it with a magifying glass and check pigments)

What heck here’s another medium that can be eyeballed…

I found the video in an article comparing the 9/12 Protest and the HuffPo/Reich “Grandparent’s Day” demonstration for the health plan.  Worth a read.

Full-on Leftie Racialist Meltdown (Wonkette Edition)

Weird how many examples there are suddenly. It’s like the Borg Collective is broadcasting the “play racism card” to everyone’s implants at once. Here’s a sad-but-funny example from Wonkette (where she’s very excited to have found some Tea Partiers who got the wrong picture online :

… these pictures are actually from the Million Man March of 1997, an event attended by, ahem, colored people.

Not only did the Million Man March actually attract a million people, it was led by wingnuts’ second-most-hated negro person, Louis Farrakhan, a real black Muslim.

Frankly, there is nothing more embarrassing for a colored-hating Real American than not being able to tell from an aerial photo of an immense crowd that those people aren’t even white! This is why photos cannot be trusted, if taken from a distance.

Anyway, about 70,000 sad fat white losers carpooled to DC on Saturday, to whine about everything (blacks), and to add to their shame, the fake picture they’re claiming shows a million wingnuts is actually a million black men listening to an Angry Black Leader.

It’s like the author is tapping some long suppressed lava- flow of racial fantasy that’s been building underneath the rocky crust of their minds.  “Black black black-tty-black black. Whitey-white, blacky white!”


Update: Well, it turns out the photo in question was from a 1997  Promise Keepers Rally, not the Million Man March.  Not that is fact will ruin leftie racialist fantasies, of course.

Thought for the day

You can’t spell “Barack Hussein Obama” without “racism”.

Obama == OJ?

Kathryn Russell-Brown thinks so…

“It feels very O.J-ish,” said Kathryn Russell-Brown, the director of the Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations at the University of Florida, referring to the racial divide in public opinion over the guilt or innocence of former football star O.J. Simpson for the 1994 murder of his white wife. Surveys found that white majorities thought Simpson guilty was and blacks didn’t. Simpson was acquitted in 1995. “It’s deja vu all over again. People have staked out their ground: ‘It’s about race; no it’s not about race.'”


New York Times’ “coverage” of Acorn

After 4 videos, the Times finally mentions the scandal…. but they do some sad-but-also-hilarious editing of the past. Read the story at Hugh Hewett’s blog.

Coverage of Tea Party Folks

… is very similar to this :



Media Matters Cracks Me Up Sometimes…

They demanded that Fox News release the full footage of the Acorn sting in San Bernadino … after it had already been posted.   I guess you don’t have to actually check things if you simply trust Acorn’s press releases and forward their content…

sock puppet

sock puppet

Gorby vs Zombie Stalin Music Video….

The Washington, DC Protest was way bigger than expected

(Cool timelapse eye-in-the-sky)

CNN’s most impressive talent : finding swatikas!

So, as part of my Jet Blue All You Can Jet Pass, I’m in Washington DC this weekend.  I spent all day at the 9/12 protest at the Capitol, mostly wandering around looking at people’s signs and chit-chatting.  I was there for an hour or two before seeing on swatika. Heck, I was even carrying a sign that asked :

Wait … where are the swatikas?  … or at least Obama with a Chaplin mustache?

on one side, and :

Got Swastika?  (The Post said they’d be here…)

on the other side.

Anyhoo, the second swastika I saw was at a Lyndon LaRouche table (what a surprise).

Now what do I see on their main article on the the various rallies across the country? A sign with a swastika.  (The second, is a legit picture of one of the speakers in Louisville, though photographed in scary mode, from below.. at a weird angle.  The third?  Nuts that want violent revolution.)

cnn loves nazi symbols

Maybe all the boring people came to DC, leaving the violent psychos and CNN reports unattended?

More likely, the CNN template needed to be followed.  Sigh.

Why investigate Acorn when you can just kill the messenger?

Apparently, investigating an organization whose minions are advising clients on how to violate the law is too hard.  It has been demonstrated that Obama’s “community organizing” pals at Acorn were willing to help an undercover reporter set of a brothel … with imported underage “workers” to boot!  What does the Baltimore state attorney want to do?  Prosecute the reporter.

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