Been a long, been a long time…

Wow.  Late 2014?  That was a helluva coma.


Obama chucks away an "A"

Splendid ( Professor Elemental )

Happy National Beer Day!

I just found out that today is a national holiday!

Leaving keyboard, seeking out a Turbodog

beer - now there's a temporary solution!

Maafa 21

Just came across “Maafa 21” and need to watch it .  (Actually, blogging this link as a reminder  to myself to watch it.)

A black family still picture from long ago....

Obama : the new Chong?

“You want to go forward, what do you do? You put it in ‘D.’ When you go backward, what do you do? You put it in ‘R.'”

Barack Obama

…. I’m just sayin’ that’s not a coincidence.

Summary of Recent Events

Obama : “There is a healthcare crisis!  We have to do something!!! ANYTHING!!!!”

Congress : “Obama’s right – let’s do anything!

Quote of the Day – Mark Steyn

“California has run out of money, but it hasn’t yet run out of things to regulate.”  – Mark Steyn

So, I *finally* watched “Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer”

To which I can only respond : “Allpurpose mispelld intrnet exp of approval containing the word  AWESOME and no correct punctuation”

Is it just me, or does Thomas Friedman’s work mostly consist of …

bitching about domestic  airports?

I was traveling via Los Angeles International Airport — LAX — last week. Walking through its faded, cramped domestic terminal, I got the feeling of a place that once thought of itself as modern but has had one too many face-lifts and simply can’t hide the wrinkles anymore.

I’m currently suffering through Hot, Flat and Crowded.  And it’s getting to me.  What a tedious mess.  I’m pretty sure he beats the domestic-airport-as-metaphor and domestic-train-station-as-metaphor at least a couple of times.

Lenten Quote of the Day

Abstinence makes the heart grow flounder – Dan Hydar

Andrew Breitbart administers smackdown to Max Blumenthal

To quote Emeril Lagasse  : “Bam!

Weirdness and donuts

I came across Psycho Donuts on a “Top 10 Weird Donuts” list.  Not sure why they chose the Donut Fries  as the prime example of “weird” there.   Donut Fries are “weird” in the same  way that the fast food kid’s meal option of  “apple fries with carmel dipping sauce” is “weird”.  Why not the “Psycho Donut” …  which involves pretzels and a bit of chili powder? The Nutty Cookie Monster?  Even the “Headbanger”  (actually, the “Massive Head Trauma” donut.  The official name was changed due to threats from the soulless forces of political correctness.)

Anyhoo… the list in question seemed to be more about foreign donuts than weird donuts.  (“Gasp!  Pumpkin?  In a sweat treat?  Those Crazy Spaniards!!!  Coconut custard filling???  In  a donuts?!??!!  Thai MADNESS!!!”)

Is “weird” really “cute” or “foreign”?  I sez no.

donut usb drives

Now *these* are weird donuts (if edible).

Fuxxing Captain America

Some context : here, here and here.

Update: The Cowardice of their convictions

Well, it seems like the folks over at “Defending. Contending.” can do neither.  As I suspected, my response to that blogger’s attack on his own deceased aunt (!) was dropped in the bit bucket.  It depresses me to witness people that are so blind.  Please pray for them.

Not just a good idea -- it's the law.

On Slandering of the Dead

Earlier today, I came across what I deem to be a very sad commentary on the effects of the “Reformation”.  Some guy sitting in judgment of his aunt, who’d passed on.  The poor woman was Catholic, and so merits his virulent disapproval :

I make this last statement because my Aunt was, as is the case for the majority of my family, Roman Catholic.  A Roman Catholic who had religion, but not Jesus Christ.  A woman who was baptised with water, but not with the Holy Spirit.  A woman who ate the Eucharist, but did not eat of Jesus’ flesh or drink of his blood.  A woman who had good works, but never recognized that they were as filthy rags.  A woman who though appearing alive was in fact dead; dead in trespasses and sins as all are who are not born of the Spirit of God per his will.  (… etc, etc… )

I objected, and got this back.

Anyhoo, I posed this response.  His blog is moderated, so I dunno if my response will make it through.  Here’s my response:

Mike please read what you just wrote. You are making all sorts of assumptions that you personally know the state of someones soul. You don’t. End of story. The Lord Himself commanded “Judge ye not.” He did not command that you declare on your own authority, that someone is “religious by birth” (whatever that is supposed to mean).

Let’s speak honestly – this blog post has *nothing* to do with “go(ing) after the lost sheep”. It’s about rendering judgment upon a woman who’s passed on.

Second, I’d advise you to silence your clanging cymbals before declaring yourself to be the holder of a “true gospel”. If I am to know *you* by *your* fruit, I’d think that you would control your words.

Third, you are quick to declare that your aunt bore “bad fruit” and not good… and yet even your posting states that she had good works. You’ve contradicted yourself. The problem seems to be that she proclaimed Jesus as her Lord… but in a way in which you, personally disapprove.

Fourth, your hyperbole isn’t doing you any favors. I find the claim that “every word” from the Priest being a “lie”to be laughable. Even when he was reading the Gospel, straight from Scripture. When he prayed “Blessed are you, Lord of All Creation, it is through your goodness we have this bread to offer”? When he prayed “Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world”?

How am I to trust your words when I know you to have spoken falsely?

I ask my Catholic pals to drop me an email with some comment.  It’s just sad that people need to twist Scripture into something hateful.

Katrina vanden Heuvel’s Hallucinations

Hee hee…. the editor of The Nation is claiming that  the folks at the 9/12 Tea party in DC were “tens of thousands waving Confederate flags, anti-gay hate signs, and shouting “White Power!”  (In fund raising spam.)

I was there.

I saw a single confederate flag.

I saw zero “anti-gay hate signs”.

I heard one person screaming “white power”.  He was on a street corner, as the tea party folks passed by.  He was against the tea party, not for it.

I guess the means is justified when the end is sufficiently noble… in this case providing propaganda to school kids (read the spam).

spam ad

Maybe Obama is the Antichrist after all?

After all … DNC promises ‘rain of hellfire’

Then again, their version of “hellfire” is … twitter spam :

One of the tools is a Twitter button that can automatically tweet: “Hey @timpawlenty, quit lying about health reform. … #CallEmOut.”

Which sounds a lot more like “heckfire” to me.

Maybe Obama is the anticripes.

Acorn Tries to Cry “Foul”, somehow

Acorn issued a statement where they claim that their minion, Tresa Kaelke was just playing along with the investigative journalists as   “defensive attempts to deal with a troubling experience”.  It’s not at all clear why Kaelke allowed the “troubling experience” to go on for about an hour (the length of the unedited video, release an hour or two after the shorter version).

For that matter, it’s not clear what Acorn thinks it will gain by pretending that the full video was “hidden” for soem dark purpose.  It’s publicly available online.

It would be nice if Acorn could name one of the “lies” they are claiming in the title of their page…