Apparently, this is an album cover

weird pool party with panda bear

Whatever.  It’s awesum.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ― Edgar Degas

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ― Edgar Degas

Neon Sign – Cafe Vesuvio

neon nekkid zatfig woman

(click for source)

Drunk Octopus

Drunk octopus wants to fight you

Venn Diagram

venn diagram explaining platypi or is it platypuses?

Zombie Poodle!

awesome zombie poodle

Zombie Panhandling!

Found at Rude Pundit.

The Frosting Dead


The Marmot with the Golden Helmet

Zombie Marmot painting

Marmot of the Dead

Many more amazing images at :

International Coffees

Spilled coffee forms map of the world

What was that waiter’s name….?


Superman Reboot

Superman just isn't what he used to be....(LOL by me.)

Paree the Flying Cat

paree the flying cat

Burning Giraffes and Telephone

Burning Giraffes and Telephone by Salvador Dali

by Salvador Dali

I used to have a print of this on my office… first job out of school!

“Addams Family” Giraffe

Addams Family-ish Giraffe

camelopardas addams

A painting by Skot Olsen

Sad box

sad amazon box is sad

Bear Shark!

A bear pissing off the bureau of alcohol tobacco and  firearms while surfing on a shark!

Power Saw to the People!

Dexter : Power Saw to the People!

Just finished watching Season 5.  Excellent! Among other things, it was great to see Peter Weller as the sleazeball cop.


If Futurama was real….

Where does the buck stop?

Ask not for where the buck stops, it stops at thee

Ask not for where the buck stops

I found this little gem over at Ace.

I miss Presidents who said stuff like “The Buck stops here”.  Obama barely admits that he’s seen the Buck.  Heck he won’t even say for sure if the Buck exists.  But if it does exist, he’s sure someone else has the Buck. Again, if there is a Buck.


Monkey Girl

Monkey Girl, by Donella Vitale

Obama : a new “hope” (poster)


Obama : a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure

(Found at Ace of Spades HQ)

Special Child

Obama as baby moses

Proud Possum Parent

possum pride


adam white soda cup picture

Les Baxter – Soul of the Drums

Soul of the Drums album cover

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