Red State Update : Apocalypse!

Charlie Manson of Killer Whales performs again!

um, yay.

There is just so much that’s odd about this story about Tilikum, the killer whale.

First –

Thunderous applause greeted SeaWorld’s Tilikum Thursday as the killer whale returned to the theme park’s big stage

Leaving aside the question of why you’d applaud an animal – thunderous applause and a small fish is worth a small fish to it, why would people cheer an animal that killed three human beings?

Second –

SeaWorld officials said that it was the killer whale’s “choice” to perform in the Believe show Thursday morning and that none of the park’s whales are coerced to participate.

Wait… choose?  “Show of flippers – who wants to preform today? OK…. Tili … but try not to kill in front of people, OK?”   Anthropomorphize much,  guys?  Sheesh.

Orca, my ass! sez  hydar blog

“Obamacare” – it’s funny cuz it’s true

Three Short Films about Media Matters

Lee Stranahan has made some short videos to explain Media Matters’ propaganda techniques.  Worth a watch.

Actually, “Squirmish” seems to fit Obama’s war

Sarah Palin’s mispronunciation of “skirmish” seems to have provided us with the perfect word for Obama’s handing of the Libya situation…. a squeamish way of skirmishing.  He dithered for a good, long while … even after the Arab League called for intervention.  Then he backed into a coalition that already existed through the work of  France, then tried to take credit for building it.  Then, he casually went to Congress ten days after the fact.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, the administration managed to coin their most amusing euphemism to date.  It ain’t “war”;  it’s “kinetic military action“.

Yup, it’s a squeamish skirmish that being, um,  kinetically acted by the Obama Administration…

This will be amusing

Sarah Palin pronounced “skirmish” oddly.  Given that there’s lots of actual news going on, it’ll be fun to see how many times it will be mentioned.

Is Media Matters violating the law?

I very interesting point;  according to tax law, a “501(C)(3) tax-exempt educational foundation” can’t engage in partisan activity, but …

David Brock, MM’s founder, was quoted Saturday by Politico promising that his organization is mounting “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against Fox News, which he said “is not a news organization. It is the de facto leader of the GOP, and it is long past time that it is treated as such by the media, elected officials and the public.”

Hmmm….  furthermore ….

Beyond the partisanship issue, explicitly declaring that your purpose as a tax-exempt non-profit public foundation is to interfere with the commercial interests of somebody else’s legal business enterprise falls nowhere within the scope of purely educational activities.

The official purpose of MM, according to its 2009 tax return, is to “notify activists, journalists, pundits and the general public about instances of misinformation, providing them with the resources to rebut false claims and take direct action against offending media institutions.”

At another point much later in the same return, MM’s purpose is more succinctly described as being “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the media.”

See the article in the Washignton Examiner, based on this article in Politico.
BTW… dang these “nonprofit” types make a lot of money!

A Lolkirk, for Shatner’s 80th Birthday

kissy face

A small band of Trek Geeks….

… heap shame upon their children,their children’s children, unto the third and fourth generation.  (Yes, I’m assuming some of them manage to reproduce.)

Let’s watch!

Jackass Baby Boomers, v3.0

Gaahh….  the self-regarding folks of the Baby Boom generation now have a new marketing term. “Scuppies”.


Weirdly, according to Urban Dictionary,  “scuppy” means “Man (or, less commonly, a woman) who molests and murders children. An incredibly offensive term to be used when m—-f—-r is not sufficient enough to get the point across. “

Anecdotal Evidence

How to make a scientist's head explode

(Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, 2/18/2011)

Godfather Rabbit

godfather bunny makes you an offer you can't refuse


Dang.  I think I’ll be heading over to Psycho Donuts today.  Really want one of these –













Also, there’s a comic book shop next door. Double-win!