Electoral College Reform proposal

(by way of Ace)

Electoral College Redo

… a fun map to look at.  The idea is to eliminate electoral college (and Senate) weirdnesses due to the vast differences in state populations by redrawing the states.

Click on the map to see…

Lamest Super Heroes!

Found this the other day.  Click on (yikes!) She-Thing to look.

(Gotta disagree with Man-Thing, though.  He was never a superhero; his main purpose was to allow Steve Gerber to write some funky comic/head trip…)

Obama speaks at an eighth-grade level

Check this out!  For all the hosannas from the (now reduced number) of Obamabots and members of the media about how the State of the Union address was sooooo great, because it is soooo nice to have a President who can speak well….  it turns out that Obama speaks at the lowest grade level of all postwar Presidents. (… with the exception of  Bush senior… and that’s a close one!)

W Bush, as with many things, was rated at the low end of mediocre, but still two grade levels above Barry.

8.8 obama

Apparently, the metric involves sentence length and word size.  Kinda like Presidential Scrabble or something.

Check it out.

Obama is … the Taxman!

SEIU throws union due$ to Coakley

What a surprise.

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