LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Panels – 2:00pm Saturday Books

1. History: The Fight for Equality

2. Fiction: Behind Closed Doors

3. Fiction: Writing the Fantastic

4. Stories of Survival


LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Panels – 1:30pm Saturday Books

1. Mystery: Crime and Punishment

  • Moderator: Mr. Miles Corwin
  • Ms. Megan Abbott
  • Ms. Attica Locke
  • Mr. Stuart Neville
  • Mr. Domenic Stansberry

2.  Science: The Universe Revealed

3. Biography: Literary Masters

  • Moderator: Mr. Scott Martelle
    Mr. Michael Scammell
    Ms. Carol Sklenicka
    Ms. Laura Trombley

4. Dave Eggers in Conversation with David L. Ulin

5. Fiction: In Brief

  • Moderator: Mr. Mark Rozzo
    Mr. Ron Carlson
    Ms. Antonya Nelson
    Ms. Marisa Silver

6. Fiction: Forging Ahead

  • Moderator: Ms. Amy Wallen
    Ms. Erica Bauermeister
    Ms. Pamela Ribon
    Ms. Karen Stabiner

7. Fiction: Lives Intertwined

  • Moderator: Ms. Veronique de Turenne
    Ms. Janelle Brown
    Ms. Jennifer Gilmore
    Ms. Cathleen Schine
    Ms. Kate Walbert

LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Panels – 12:30pm Saturday Books

1. History: The Struggle for a Better Tomorrow

2. Biography: 20th Century Lives

3. Young Adult Fiction: ‘Tween the Lines

4. America: In Hope or In Crisis?

5. Kate DiCamillo in Conversation with Susan Carpenter


LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Panels – 12:00pm Saturday Books

1. Mary & Carol Higgins Clark in Conversation with Connie Martinson

2. Fiction: Lives Unraveling

3. Poetic Interludes

4. Power and Politics: Washington Under Fire

5. Science & Humanity: From the Past to the Future

6. Current Interest: Journalists Uncover the Larger Story

7. Are Angels Among Us


LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Panels – 11:00am Saturday Books

1. History: Rising Above Oppression

2. Fiction: Life Stories

3. Rebooting Culture: Narrative & Information in the New Age

4. Mystery: The Kingpins


LA Times Festival of Books 2010 Panels – 10:30am Saturday Books

(Start of an experiment, trying to build an easy reference for the LA festival of books.  Clicking on the links below take you to info on the author or book.)

1. Mystery: The Pageturners

2. Fiction: Writing the Other

3.  Meg Cabot in Conversation with Cecil Castellucci

4. Children’s Books: Feeding Imaginations

5. Fact vs. Fiction: Storytelling in Young Adult Nonfiction

6. Hollywood: Life in the Biz

7. Poetry: Writers Without Borders