1,000 Days

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1000 Days since Obama had a budget

Tonight it’s time for Obama to tell us how wonderful everything is…. but not so wonderful that he has to answer for it during the election.  Yay.


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Santorum winning? Wow….

This is  becoming an interesting race.  Of course, last I heard, he was just up by five votes.  Dang….


Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator who for months languished at the bottom of Republican polls, may be hard-pressed to repeat his Iowa performance, where his solid conservative stances on social issues like abortion and gay marriage resonated with Republican voters. It’s not clear whether the message will work as well in states where the economy is a bigger issue or if he can come up with the funds or organization to sustain a national campaign.

Also, he has yet to face the intense scrutiny that has caused other conservative challengers to Romney to wither as soon as they climbed to the top of polls.