Government-mandated light bulbs cause cancer

For Our Own Good, the government has banned incandescent bulbs.  We should be using “energy saving” CFL bulbs.  Guess what?  According to a German study, the CFL bulbs cause cancer.    It’s already well known (or should be!)  that CFL bulbs contain some nice, toxic mercury.  Good luck making sure that everyone disposes of them properly.

compact fluorescent lightbulbs are bad for children and other living things

… and don’t get me started on the crap light quality from CFLs….

Wile E Obama’s Healhcare Plan

Gallup Daily Tracking of U.S. Health

I didn’t know ’till today that they had such a thing.  Apparently, the call people and ask them how they’ve  been feeling the previous day. They also do other stuff like mood and life evaluation.  Neat.

How Government Healthcare works

Obama’s Granny is Politcally useful again…

It’s very sad that Obama lost his grandmother, but come on … last year, when it was politically expedient, he used the poor woman as the poster child elder for racism. Now that he wants to stop questions on the … fishier… aspects of his healthcare plan, he wants to play the sympathy card:

“I just lost my grandmother last year. I know what it’s like to watch somebody you love, who’s aging, deteriorate and have to struggle with that,” an impassioned Obama told a crowd as he spoke of Madelyn Payne Dunham. He took issue with “the notion that somehow I ran for public office or members of Congress are in this so they can go around pulling the plug on grandma.”

Note that she was “deteriorating” at exactly the same time he was using her as an example of the racism of a “typical white person”.  Sigh.

throw grandma from the train - toot! toot!

It’s hard not be cynical about Pres. Obama and his need to make things ever so biographical when he senses any kind of political benefit in doing so.

A disturbing point made in the Psycho Donuts “debate”

At a certain point in the discussion, Oscar Write quoted some study or other that stated the 66% of parents expressed “concern” with “medication”.

He said it like it was a bad thing.

It seems that there is a fair amount of evidence that children are being over medicated these days, so surely any parent worth their salt would be concerned about medicating their child. It just stands to reason.

Anyhow Wright was using this as yet another example of some bad thing that could somehow be attributed to the “stigma” that can somehow be blamed on donuts.