LOLTaft : Stigma

“Live, Long and Prosper : The Christine Chapel Story”

Coming soon… to Lifetime.

Coolest Gift Evah…








I came across this whilst surfing at the local brewpub.  Some lucky bastid got a present consisting of my favorite bourbon in the best packaging ever.

“Hispanic or Latino” as special ethnic case?

Maafa 21

Just came across “Maafa 21” and need to watch it .¬† (Actually, blogging this link as a reminder¬† to myself to watch it.)

A black family still picture from long ago....

“Nom” doesn’t really apply…

So what is the correct word for what this little feller is doing?

Maybe there’s a Russia word in the title. Dunno.

Censored by Facebook!

OK, a fair cop, but society’s to blame.

Gloria Allred's Cloven Hooves - BANNED!

Facebook message to yours truly