Zeno’s Advent Calendar

Zeno's advent calendar cartoon from xkcd

School House Rocks – Tyrannosaurus Debt

This is kinda cool; apparently someone a couple years ago, someone made their own version of a “Schoolhouse Rock” video.  Kinda cool.

xkcd : Sports

random number narraative

Tanagra was really dead that night

Darmok and Jelad... hook up?

Cartoon break : The Bat

A funny Batman cartoon

(click image for source)

Bad Timing

The President plays at Dragon-slaying

Brave Sir Robin Obama poses

Found at hotair…  though  I read it for the articles, not the pictures, Hef.

Illustrated guide to facial hair

Click image to see, in all it’s glory –

The stay away from that guy stigma picture


Let’s act like adults!


Anecdotal Evidence

How to make a scientist's head explode

(Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, 2/18/2011)