Regarding those alleged 59,000 nuns who support Obamacare

The American Papist corrects the latest propaganda ploy, quoting Sister Mary Ann Walsh :

A recent letter from Network, a social justice lobby of sisters, grossly overstated whom they represent in a letter to Congress that was also released to media.

Network’s letter, about health care reform, was signed by a few dozen people, and despite what Network said, they do not come anywhere near representing 59,000 American sisters.

The letter had 55 signatories, some individuals, some groups of three to five persons. One endorser signed twice.

There are 793 religious communities in the United States.

The math is clear. Network is far off the mark.

Hint for Peter Beinart : when nit-picking, mind your own nits

In full Bitchy Mode, Peter Beinart sweaked :

Tim Pawlenty, … also declared that America’s first “basic constitutional principle” is “God’s in charge.” And there I was, all this time, thinking that in a democracy the “basic constitutional principle” is that the demos—the people—are in charge.

The word “Democracy” appears nowhere in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence.  For that matter, the D-word wasn’t exactly used positively by the Founders.  As if he hadn’t embarrassed himself enough, he continues :

I had naively assumed that “God’s in charge” is the “basic constitutional principle” of well, theocracy. For Pawlenty, evidently, Thomas Jefferson and the Ayatollah Khomeini saw government pretty much the same way.

… soo… faith in God makes you the same as a blood-thirsty Ayatollah? Nice.  Notice how it doesn’t even occur to Beinart that the word “constitutional” has more than one meaning? (For example, “pertaining to the constitution or composition of a thing; essential”.  Folks like Ayatollah Abraham Lincoln, Ayatollah George Washington and Ayatollah John F Kennedy would surely agree that the notion that “God is in charge” is “essential”.

Update: The Cowardice of their convictions

Well, it seems like the folks over at “Defending. Contending.” can do neither.  As I suspected, my response to that blogger’s attack on his own deceased aunt (!) was dropped in the bit bucket.  It depresses me to witness people that are so blind.  Please pray for them.

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