Two kinds of people in the world


2 kinds of people in the world

What a surprise

It turns out, contra the clams of the Obama administration, Indiana has plenty of Medicare providers of gynecological services.  No need for Planned Parenthood at all.


Young master Bali Hai

fez cat

Fez Kat

Bender : the Ugly Truth

truth about bender

Keep Calm

keep calm and kill mufasa

Political Party by Sports

graph of Sports by political party

(click image for sorce)


The search for “boss lady Linh”

So there’s an article in the local paper about almost(?)  nekkid(?) ladies servin’ up coffee at local Vietnamese coffee shops (in part of San Jose).  Here’s the weird thing though, the good ol’ Murkey News mentioned a woman bloggers refer to as  “boss lady Linh”. If that is the case why does google have no instances of blogs containing the phrase “boss lady Linh”? Huh? Why? Why?


“Rusty Venture”

Rusty Venture

Rusty Venture Cosplay (Click image for source.)

Obama Adminstration has pwned the economy!

According to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

It’s a Tramp!


It's a tramp

By Aprelad (click for source)

Rep. (D-Wis) wants to smack woman around


Creepy Obama Poster

Looks kinda like if an alien mated with Jesse Jackson –

Creepy Obama Poster Alien

Hopeless. (click image for source.)



(click image for source)

Food Pyramid

food pyramid by apelad

Aryan Superhero fights evil rabbis!

Evil Rabbis Übermensch

Yikes. "Anti-circumcision" "activists in San Francisco go full antisemite. ( Click image for more horribleness.)


Grim-Reaper Absinthe

Captan Jack Squirrel

Capt Jack Squirrel

(Click image for source.)

He Wuvs His Wookie

wookie wuv

Weiner Tweet


Thanks to this guy :

Anthony weasel weiner picture

The words “wiener” and “tweet” no longer conjure up this image –


Oscar Meyer Whistle


My Little Pony – Klingon Edition

My Little Pony Klingon version

(click image for source)

True Blood cocktails…

… made with Southern Discomfort, but still…

Various True Blood Cocktails

Click ’em for the recipes, which live at a blog owned by an Interesting Person I hung out with in New Orleans over the weekend.

Me wantum ash tray

Native American Symbol on Ashtray

(click for source)

Wednesday, the Evil Cat

Wednesday the Evil Cat, copyright 2008

xkcd : Sports

random number narraative

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