Neon Sign – Cafe Vesuvio

neon nekkid zatfig woman

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Drunk Octopus

Drunk octopus wants to fight you

These Beefs are Tender

“Addams Family” Giraffe

Addams Family-ish Giraffe

camelopardas addams

A painting by Skot Olsen

Sad box

sad amazon box is sad

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…. Krug Man!

Use all resources to fight make-believe aliens

For some context, see this article at Human Events.

Awesomely enough, there is a Advice Krugman meme generator.  Here’s a sample :


Wacky Packages

I Can't Believe It's not Better

Where does the buck stop?

Ask not for where the buck stops, it stops at thee

Ask not for where the buck stops

I found this little gem over at Ace.

I miss Presidents who said stuff like “The Buck stops here”.  Obama barely admits that he’s seen the Buck.  Heck he won’t even say for sure if the Buck exists.  But if it does exist, he’s sure someone else has the Buck. Again, if there is a Buck.


Monkey Girl

Monkey Girl, by Donella Vitale

Obama : a new “hope” (poster)


Obama : a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure

(Found at Ace of Spades HQ)

Special Child

Obama as baby moses

Proud Possum Parent

possum pride


adam white soda cup picture

Pumpkin House

Pumpkin House

America Needs an Adult in the Room

America needs an Adult in the Room

Hot Asian Girl + Giant Steve Buscemi Head = ?

attractive yet disturbing

Les Baxter – Soul of the Drums

Soul of the Drums album cover

What Happened To My Dreams?


What Happened To My Dreams? - skull doll

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Young master Bali Hai

fez cat

Fez Kat

Keep Calm

keep calm and kill mufasa

Political Party by Sports

graph of Sports by political party

(click image for sorce)


“Rusty Venture”

Rusty Venture

Rusty Venture Cosplay (Click image for source.)

It’s a Tramp!


It's a tramp

By Aprelad (click for source)

Creepy Obama Poster

Looks kinda like if an alien mated with Jesse Jackson –

Creepy Obama Poster Alien

Hopeless. (click image for source.)

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