Nancy Pelosi now spouting supervillian cliches!

Her version of the “We are much alike, you and I” line :

In a “This Week” interview with ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas, Pelosi said, “We share some of the views of the Tea Partiers in terms of the role of special interest in Washington, D.C., as — it just has to stop.  – ABC News

Funny, ain’t it, just a few month ago, she was calling ’em “Nazi” “Astroturf“.  Oh, wait … Pelosi still thinks they’re astroturf after all.  She’s gotta throw a bone to the leftie nutroots.

Dr Evil Pelosi

I suppose we should be grateful that she took time away from her busy schedule.  After all, legalizing bribery is difficult work.

“Sticky tape art”

office desk scene made from scotch tape

Scotch Office

Scotch Giraffe

scotch dragon

… apparently, there’s a contest… sponsored by Scotch, a 3M company.

Illustration of the difference between the verbal and the visual –  submitting a Scotch egg sounds semi-clever, but is completely lame as a tape sculpture idea.

No wonder Peter Beinart falls back on Racism

It doesn’t like he’s all that bright.  If you can’t make a reasonable argument, you can at lease call the other side “racist”.  As an example of his non-brightness, here’s some selections  his latest from the Daily Beast (“The GOP argues it would be undemocratic for Democrats to pass health-care reform using reconciliation. But, Peter Beinart argues, that’s how our republic works. “).

First, notice how he doesn’t give an example of any Republican saying that “reconciliation” is “undemocratic” per se.  (Granted some Democrats did make that claim back in the Bush era, maybe that’s what he’s thinking of…)   The “undemocratic” part comes in when the President and his congressional cronies try to ram through a bill that at most 30% of the American people would want.  If you ignore the vast majority of the people (the demos) … yeah, that’s undemocratic.

Eventually, Beinart manages to acknowledge that the polls are against Obamacare … but, claims that is poll “describe”  Obamacare people just loooove it.  (No references, so one can only assume he’s talking about polls that show that you can get a majority for some parts of the various Democrat bills.  Given the complexity of these bills, it’s doubtful that a poll could involve anything like a fair description of it.)

Here’s some more :

Senate Republicans are employing the filibuster more than any Congress in history. (In the 19th Century, the Senate witnessed about one filibuster per decade.

Beinhart is comparing apples and oranges.  Filibusters are rare; that’s because it’s a filibuster if it succeeds.  Where were all these successful filibusters in 2009/2010?  No where.  Oops.

More later, maybe.  Must get sleep.

Democrats plan to spam talk radio…

Quote of the Day : Obama

“I Don’t Count My Time Because I’m The President” – BHO

Retracto, the Correction Alpaca!?!

Apparently, he’s a Senior Fellow at, in charge of fact-checking and asking for retractions.   Apparently, he(?)’s looking into famous race-card playing white boy, Max Blumenthal.  (Max Blumenthal, is doubling down on his cries of “racism”, it seems.

Logo Math

This :

plus this :

plus this :

Equals this :

Missle Defense Agency logo

Some gays, when looking for a really vile slur…

… always try to claim their opponents are gay, or otherwise link them to gay sex.  Wandering around the interwebs, I see this all the time… and not just in youtube comments.  You find it in mainstream journals and other media.  Weird.

Hilarity : White House Can’t Find GOP Health Care Bill That’s On Their Website

Found this via gateway pundit….

Yup, Obama is a suuuuuper geeenius.

Wile E Obama’s Healhcare Plan

Lenten Quote of the Day

Abstinence makes the heart grow flounder – Dan Hydar

That “Family Guy” Dow’s Syndrome gag…

A commentator in Newsweek makes a good point, that’s gotten lost in all the “controversy” –

The problem with the conversation surrounding the Family Guy episode is that it presupposes that people fall into one of two categories: those who think the joke was funny because they weren’t offended by it, and those who think the joke wasn’t funny because they were. I didn’t find the joke funny, not because it was insensitive to people with Down syndrome or to Sarah Palin, but because it just wasn’t funny. Like, as a joke. Plenty of criticisms have been lobbed at Family Guy, from the quality of the animation, to its reliance on interchangeable, inorganic cutaway gags (see South Park’s two-part take down, “Cartoon Wars”) but the Palin joke is a perfect example of the show’s major shortcoming. The MacFarlane sensibility puts a premium on being offensive, and that’s fine when the jokes are soundly constructed, but too often Family Guy jokes aren’t clever or well written, they’re just shocking. To some people (me included, at times) the shock value is enough to inspire some uncomfortable tittering, but jokes like that don’t stand up to scrutiny. If you take two seconds to think about them, you realize it wasn’t that funny to begin with, and it certainly doesn’t work on a subsequent viewing, when you’re expecting it.

Hitler, on a Unicycle, juggling Fish

… looped, with music.

Amusing Caveman shirt

… that I don’t own.

tee : you're so easy, a caveman could do you

Hint for Peter Beinart : when nit-picking, mind your own nits

In full Bitchy Mode, Peter Beinart sweaked :

Tim Pawlenty, … also declared that America’s first “basic constitutional principle” is “God’s in charge.” And there I was, all this time, thinking that in a democracy the “basic constitutional principle” is that the demos—the people—are in charge.

The word “Democracy” appears nowhere in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence.  For that matter, the D-word wasn’t exactly used positively by the Founders.  As if he hadn’t embarrassed himself enough, he continues :

I had naively assumed that “God’s in charge” is the “basic constitutional principle” of well, theocracy. For Pawlenty, evidently, Thomas Jefferson and the Ayatollah Khomeini saw government pretty much the same way.

… soo… faith in God makes you the same as a blood-thirsty Ayatollah? Nice.  Notice how it doesn’t even occur to Beinart that the word “constitutional” has more than one meaning? (For example, “pertaining to the constitution or composition of a thing; essential”.  Folks like Ayatollah Abraham Lincoln, Ayatollah George Washington and Ayatollah John F Kennedy would surely agree that the notion that “God is in charge” is “essential”.

Harry Reid unleashes new campaign slogan!

Men, when they’re out of work, tend to become abusive‘  – Harry Reid

Now… you Nevada voters don’t want Harry to become… violent, do you?

Finally! MANLY Cupcakes!

Butch Bakery logo

After all, cupcakes tend to be a bit girly.

Butch Bakery features many cupcakes.  They are decorated in manly styles, such as Woodland Camo, Wood Grain and Houndstooth.  Soaked in booze!

Funky flavors include the “Beer Run” (soaked in beer.. with beer buttercream?!?! Wha…?)

Next time I’m in New York, I’m there.

Green Gold, Texas Tea…

Hmm… a Bush-eraDOE biofuel initiative is showing  some promise, it seems :

Pate’s presentation, “The Promise and Challenges for Algae Biofuels: Overview of Approaches and Issues for Sustainable Production Scale-up,” will cover many of the current issues surrounding algae research and development. Algae is emerging as an attractive resource because it reproduces quickly, uses large quantities of carbon dioxide and can thrive in non-freshwater, including brackish and marine water, thus avoiding competition with traditional agriculture’s freshwater needs. In addition, algae can produce biomass and oils, and is attractive as feedstock for renewable fuels, with potentially greater productivity and significantly less land use requirements than with other commodity crop feedstocks such as corn, soy and canola.

In recent assessments that build on earlier work done under the DOE-funded Aquatic Species Program during the late-1970s through the early 1990s, Pate and others have been taking a new look at the nation’s potential for algae biofuels production capacity development and resource requirements. The U.S. has ample sunlight, lower value land and non-freshwater resources in the lower latitude coastal and inland states, including the Southwest region of New Mexico, Arizona and California, to potentially produce large volumes of biofuel feedstock, if high productivies can be reliably achieved.

With algal oil productivities that could potentially reach annual average levels in the range of 3,000 to 5,000 gallons per acre, the land footprint required for large volumes of renewable fuel production would be minimal when compared with other conventional oil crops, such as soy and canola, that produce between 50 and 120 gallons per acre per year.

“With algae, we’re talking about annual average productivities that could reach several thousand gallons per acre per year — with practical values that analysis has shown might be able to reach more than 6500 gallons per acre — so if you do the math, you can see the reasoning behind this research,” Pate said.

Neat, assuming this isn’t just PR.

Non-“creationists” include people who consider The Flintsones true!

… well… at least some do.

Here’s a chart from :

Prehistory Pie... yummy

Granted, there’s lots of fuzz regarding the definition of “creationist”… but it’s reasonable to say that people who don’t deny that “humans evolved from earlier species” are not “creationists”.  So the percentage of non-creationists in the above chart is : 14 + 35 = 49%.  The percentage of people who think that dinos and humans lived together is 30 + 30 = 60%.   Simple logic tells us that these two sets overlap.

The simplistic assumption typically made is that the two pies would match.

It would be cool if they indicated how the answers to the two questions correlate.

Finally, it’s weird that they would do surveys of registered voters on this… why?

“The Rise and Fall of Hope and Change”

"The Rise and Fall of Hope and Change" - from

Click on the image to see it in it’s full (and interactive) glory!

DC Universe Weirdity

wait... what?

One of these things is not like the others

The Internet is made of cats!

The Media’s misunderstanding of the Tea Parties

I like a post on the subject, over at mizzjodee’s blog ; here’s a sample –

The Tea Party movement is a political Andromeda Strain to the media, a baffling outbreak of viral unhappiness which has thus far defied every attempt at diagnosis. This is unsurprising, since the media has little interest in listening to what the Tea Party is actually saying. Instead, they attempt to stuff this remarkable grassroots movement into a variety of scary costumes, so they can be conveniently dismissed.

The most common of these costumes is a straitjacket. The media likes to view the Tea Party as a psychotic break with establishment reality. Writing in the L.A. Times, Gregory Rodriguez calls American distrust of government “neurotic – irrational, defensive, and born of emotional trauma.” He prescribes a dose of past-life regression therapy, until we get back to “our national birth trauma, our violent revolt against our ‘father’, King George III, which gave us our independence in the first place.” Wow, people named George cast really long shadows over history, don’t they?

If the buckles on the straitjacket break, certain elements of the Left are quick to dress the Tea Party in white sheets. The tedious Joe Queenan, working for a Guardian U.K. that evidently couldn’t afford to hire an American writer who has actually seen a Tea Party rally, describes the attendees as “smallish, grassroots, inbred” anti-intellectual pasty-white Nixon voters. He also can’t stress enough how white these abhorrent, pasty-white, “ethnically monochromatic” white crackers are. Oh, and they’re also a small fringe movement that likes to send tiny squads of loudmouths to intimidate rural Idaho congressmen… but they’re also a vast, sinister, potentially violent mob, lurking in the deep red shadows of flyover country, where people have forgotten how to properly appreciate their massive central government.

so go read the rest.

BHOly Moses!

Holy Moses Obama Foden comic


No, really. Yikes.

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