Obama’s *real* Birth Certificate Released!

Obama  Certificacte of Live Birth

Hey! Someone still bothers to read Charles Johnson!

I stumbled on Diary of Daedalus while surfing.  I guess someone is reading LGF on a regular basis, anyway.  It became so tedious after the initial meltdown that I haven’t bothered much.

This will be amusing

Sarah Palin pronounced “skirmish” oddly.  Given that there’s lots of actual news going on, it’ll be fun to see how many times it will be mentioned.

What’s the Hot Trend in Neo-Nazi Flags?

According to racism enthusiast, Charles Johnson…  the state flag of Tennessee!

Guilt by Association at Little Green Footballs, part 5725

Racism enthusiast Charles Johnson gets his panties in a bunch over someone posting the text of the poem ‘Invictus‘ on Michelle Malkin’s website.  ‘Invictus’ gives it’s name to the recent  Oscar-associated film of the same name.  Oh and  the Class Motto of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 2010.

But… it seems that Timothy McVeigh liked the poem too.  So, it’s… like evil and bad and stuff.

Watta maroon…

Yeah, pretty much what I thought…

Charles Johnson just confirmed it.  Basically, Little Green Footballs has gone into lockdown mode because his ideology is driven his own petty hatreds.  It’s a shame; a couple years back, LGF was a decent site with a free exchange of ideas.  Now, the slightest peep of dissent becomes a ban three minutes later.

Plenty of more interesting sites out there, but it’s a shame to see one descend into darkness…

Update : the folks over at Blogmocracy do a pretty good review of The List of Evil.

Wow.. Charles Johnson *has* gone nuts.

I’d heard he was going into full Jihad mode against dissent over at LGF, but … wow. I posted a single comment expressing doubt the shocking-ness of the list of Limbaugh quote he snaked from “Media Matters”. (Posted – Sun, Oct 18, 2009 6:05:16pm ) and my old comment account from long ago was turned off (Timestamp – Sun, Oct 18, 2009 6:08:20pm).


I can kinda see why some folks were annoyed enough to start the “other” Little Green Footballs.