I have a new favorite flavor of Dorito… Tapatío

Food Pyramid

food pyramid by apelad

Squeal BBQ

Squeal BBQ logo

New Orleans Bacon takedown

New Orleans Bacon Takedown

Moar Faggots (1980s)

Mr Brain’s Pork Faggots

Disturbing Cake of the Day

Nothing says "festive" like a stormtrooper taking a dump

Wikipedia pales

I just love the fact that there is such a thing as …  prosciuttopedia!

hanging deliciousness

Quiznos’ Chicken Bacon Diaper?!?

Well, that was the way I read this online ad, out of the corner of my eye :

quiznos chicken bacon diaper ad

Ewwww...... drippy

Zucchini + Power Drill == Dinner


Dang.  I think I’ll be heading over to Psycho Donuts today.  Really want one of these –













Also, there’s a comic book shop next door. Double-win!

Guinea Pig Festival?! Forget Gilroy!

Who needs a garlic festival when you can attend a cuy festival? Forget the culinary stigma involved;  this little guy might well be very  tasty –

‘Sides, apparently, his death spared him of a life pf shame, dressed like a jackass –

(From the  Guinea Pig Festival in Churin,Peru.)

Goat is “The Soccer of Meat”?

I did not know that.

Goat has been called “the soccer of meat”: Everyone loves it but Americans. Traditionally, the agricultural viability of goats in this country has been limited to tangy cheeses, petting zoos and mohair sweaters. – AOL news

How have they not blamed this on Global Warming?

In other news – AOL still exists?!?!

Finally! MANLY Cupcakes!

Butch Bakery logo

After all, cupcakes tend to be a bit girly.

Butch Bakery features many cupcakes.  They are decorated in manly styles, such as Woodland Camo, Wood Grain and Houndstooth.  Soaked in booze!

Funky flavors include the “Beer Run” (soaked in beer.. with beer buttercream?!?! Wha…?)

Next time I’m in New York, I’m there.

Hot Mormon Muffins!

Mormon Muffin

… each page has a pinup and a recipe…

It’s fighting stereotypes, or something.

I suppose I could make some kind of pun about milf being good with muffins, but I won’t.  So there.

The KFC “Double Down”.

Holy Cholestoroly!


KFC is test-marketing their “Double Down”… which is a sandwich that has fried chicken breasts instead of buns:

The creation features a dollop of the Colonel’s secret sauce wrapped in a slice of both Pepperjack Cheese and Swiss Cheese, between two slices of bacon and two filets of KFC original recipe chicken that serve as the ‘bread’ of the burger.


Sounds tasty, just not an every day thing.  I wonder hew it would go with baconcello….?  Anyway this seems to be the yang to the yin of the whole “grilled chicken” thing.  The scale must be balanced.

Anhoo, take a look at Food Geekery, there’s even some video!

“Is Whole Foods Sustainable or Just a High-Priced Hoax?”

“Civil Rights” lawsuit dismissed, closes beloved Sacramento landmark

Squeeze Inn hamburgers

Squeeze Inn hamburgers

The Sacramento woman who sued the tiny Squeeze Inn hamburger restaurant over its lack of wheelchair access has dropped her lawsuit.

Kimberly Block, 41, filed a civil rights complaint July 6 against the Squeeze Inn under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In the lawsuit, Block claimed she suffered “embarrassment and humiliation” when she tried to eat there last November.

The appropriately-named Squeeze Inn is famous for its messy cheeseburgers and cramped quarters. The restaurant offers fewer than a dozen stools and no wheelchair ramp. The “Squeeze” attracted nationwide attention after being featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”

The lawsuit generated outrage among loyal patrons and led owner Travis Hausauer to announce he would move to a larger building.

A one-page notice filed with the U.S. District Court in Sacramento this week announced the action against the Squeeze Inn had been “dismissed by the plaintiff in its entirety.” There was no explanation offered.

Sacramento attorney Mike Welch was among those angered by the lawsuit and represented the Squeeze Inn free of charge. Welch said Block’s Eureka attorney, ADA frequent filer Jason Singleton, was apparently overwhelmed by the public outcry.

“He took a bite out of the wrong apple,” Welch said. Singleton did not respond to an email from News10.

Hausauer told News10 the dismissal of the suit will not change his plans to move to a larger space. He has identified a restaurant location around the corner at 5301 Power Inn Road and will move before the end of the year.

Hausauer actually considers Block’s lawsuit a blessing. “We had obviously outgrown our current location,” he said. Hausauer estimated his business has increased by one-third as a result of the publicity.

Hausauer said he’ll try to recreate the charm of the old Squeeze Inn at the new location.

Reuters – Organic food is no healthier

LONDON – Organic food has no nutritional or health benefits over ordinary food, according to a major study published Wednesday.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine said consumers were paying higher prices for organic food because of its perceived health benefits, creating a global organic market worth an estimated $48 billion in 2007.

A systematic review of 162 scientific papers published in the scientific literature over the last 50 years, however, found there was no significant difference.

“A small number of differences in nutrient content were found to exist between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs, but these are unlikely to be of any public health relevance,” said Alan Dangour, one of the report’s authors.

“Our review indicates that there is currently no evidence to support the selection of organically over conventionally produced foods on the basis of nutritional superiority.”


Well, I s’pose many would still buy organic fo environmental reasons. Less chemicals in the ecosystem and whatnot.

I wonder if the people that are upset about the Whole Foods’ CEO for writing against Obamacare in the Wall Street Journal will tie this into the rhetoric of their  boycott.  “John Mackey and Whole Foods have been ripping us off with so-called ‘organic’ foods that do nothing for us! Nothing!  No wonder they hate Obama!”


Fun Restaurant Poll

Seriously, you’re going to want to look at this one..