Grim-Reaper Absinthe

True Blood cocktails…

… made with Southern Discomfort, but still…

Various True Blood Cocktails

Click ’em for the recipes, which live at a blog owned by an Interesting Person I hung out with in New Orleans over the weekend.

Query : If Absinthe is the “Green Fairy”, what is Chartreuse?

Just as green as absinthe and as distinctive.  Lots of herbs; that might help chose a mythological creature.

The Green Gnome?  The Green Elf?  The Green Dwarf?

green chartreuse

Happy National Beer Day!

I just found out that today is a national holiday!

Leaving keyboard, seeking out a Turbodog

beer - now there's a temporary solution!

A California taboo of which I was unaware…

Apparently, we’re supposed to disdain “critter wines”

So, a common current among wine aficionados is a disdain for “critter” wines – you’ve seen them, cases upon cases of little penguins, kangaroos, toads, black cats – a veritable vintner’s Noah’s Ark – with cute labels designed to make passersby go, “Awwwww…”  In general, these wines sell because of what’s on the outside of the bottle and not the inside.   Good marketing for sure – but rarely good wine.  Being Californian, I’ve had to practice uttering “critter wine” mumbled with contempt and dismissal, with a sneer (or an eye-roll) and a little put-upon exhale.  Try it for yourself.

Dang.  I actually like the wine labels to be interesting; I rarely remember names, but often remember images.  If I try a wine, I want to be able to have a shot at remembering it so have more.  Moar crittr winez, I say! Moar!

drinky crow dook dook dook

This is your Spock…


This is your Spock


this is your Spock on Kraken

This is your Spock on the Kraken

Release the… Merch!

My latest interesting booze is.. the Kraken.   A 94 proof spiced rum that’s very tasty. Lots of vanilla-y flavor.  Not to mention an awesome old-timey looking bottle with a giant sea monster octopus on the label.  Anyhoo, it turns out that they have some really cool, but overly expensive merchandise associated with it.

Kracken merch pick, forllow link for image source

Coolest Gift Evah…








I came across this whilst surfing at the local brewpub.  Some lucky bastid got a present consisting of my favorite bourbon in the best packaging ever.

Benjamin Franklin’s 200 synonyms for drunkenness!

Ben Franklin, drinkin'Turns out ol’ Ben Franklin compiled a list of all the ways of saying “drunk” back in 18th century America.   Have a look, thanks to the folk over at Mental Floss.


Engineer’s Guide to Drinks

Fun guide to mixed drinks, written for Engineers.

screengrab of engineer drink guide

I need a cup of the brown stuff…


That’s right!


Bacon flavored booze!

Click here for Chef Adam Seger’s Baconcello Recipe!

(In PDF form for some reason. So sorry.)

Tried a new Aussie Red – Bitch

Bitch - some more?

Bitch - some more?

It’s lighter and less dry than I normally have, but it had lots of nice fruit flavors.  Definitely getting some again… it was $9.99 at the Wine Club.

Lolcat break

funny pictures of cats with captions

(In honor of Thurs night)