Steven Crowder’s take on Wonkette Überswine, and similar

Wonkette attacks child with Downs Syndrome

Here’s (one of the) Actual Pictures of the 9/12 DC Tea Party


(Maybe the drones at Wonkette can go over it with a magifying glass and check pigments)

What heck here’s another medium that can be eyeballed…

I found the video in an article comparing the 9/12 Protest and the HuffPo/Reich “Grandparent’s Day” demonstration for the health plan.  Worth a read.

Full-on Leftie Racialist Meltdown (Wonkette Edition)

Weird how many examples there are suddenly. It’s like the Borg Collective is broadcasting the “play racism card” to everyone’s implants at once. Here’s a sad-but-funny example from Wonkette (where she’s very excited to have found some Tea Partiers who got the wrong picture online :

… these pictures are actually from the Million Man March of 1997, an event attended by, ahem, colored people.

Not only did the Million Man March actually attract a million people, it was led by wingnuts’ second-most-hated negro person, Louis Farrakhan, a real black Muslim.

Frankly, there is nothing more embarrassing for a colored-hating Real American than not being able to tell from an aerial photo of an immense crowd that those people aren’t even white! This is why photos cannot be trusted, if taken from a distance.

Anyway, about 70,000 sad fat white losers carpooled to DC on Saturday, to whine about everything (blacks), and to add to their shame, the fake picture they’re claiming shows a million wingnuts is actually a million black men listening to an Angry Black Leader.

It’s like the author is tapping some long suppressed lava- flow of racial fantasy that’s been building underneath the rocky crust of their minds.  “Black black black-tty-black black. Whitey-white, blacky white!”


Update: Well, it turns out the photo in question was from a 1997  Promise Keepers Rally, not the Million Man March.  Not that is fact will ruin leftie racialist fantasies, of course.