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You can’t spell “Barack Hussein Obama” without “racism”.

What Passes for Honest Exchange of Ideas on the Left

Welcome to the age of Hope and Change.

posted on windshields at town hall mtg

This charming  flyer was placed on car windshields of those attending a town hall  in Reston, Va on Tuesday night, after the  with Rep. Jim  Moran and  Howard Dean.   Apparently, this is the way Obama supporters deal with dissent.  Sad, really.

There are obvious parallels to be drawn between the above “art” and that of any number of authoritarian regimes.  When inconvenient questions are asked, simply vilify the questioner.


Racism – Pure and Simple from the Fifth Dimension!

The face of racism

The face of racism

Don’t be misled. These new posters featuring Barack Obama’s face imposed over the likeness of Tinky Winky may appear benign, but they’re not.

Their intent is far deeper and insidious: to stir ugly racist thoughts in America’s subconscious.

On the surface, the posters don’t add anything new to the discussion. Obama has been called a “socialist” before. But, subliminally, the posters draw heavily on stereotypes of the worst kind.

Consider the following evidence:

– First, the obvious: Purple is only a tick or two away from black on the color spectrum, so it’s clearly no coincidence that Obama’s likeness was imposed over Tinky Winky and not Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Noo-Noo, or Po. Tinky Winky is an unspeakably devious subliminal reminder of the pigmentation of our President’s skin.

– Tinky Winky – and the rest of his Teletubby ilk – are meant to draw upon latent and subconscious racism and xenophobia. They’re odd looking, they speak in incoherent phrases, they eat strange food and live in a futuristic dome. Clearly, they’re not from around here – and they may not even be from this planet. To superimpose Obama’s likeness over such a character is a truly despicable tactic designed to remind white people of his foreign heritage and to reinforce the notion that he is “of the other.”

– Lastly, using Tinky Winky is a cretinously creative way to emasculate the President. Everyone knows Tinky Winky carries a red handbag, for crying out loud. White evangelicals are particularly attuned to subliminal associations with Tinky Winky since Jerry Falwell outed the cartoon character as a symbol of gay pride with his purple (but remember, also almost black) color and his triangular antenna.

This is ugly stuff. By superimposing Obama’s face over the likeness of Tinky Winky this new poster creates a subtly coded, highly effective racial and political argument. Forget socialism, this poster is another attempt to undermine the President by drawing on deep seated stereotypes against blacks, foreigners, and gays.  It’s disgusting.

(From Tom Bevan, at RCP )

“WaPo Staff Writer Is Clearly A Racist” – Ace

How else to explain the conclusion that when Philip Kennicott sees the “‘urban’ makeup of the Heath Ledger Joker”, he automatically thinks “black” “deformed product of urban violence.” No, really, and it gets ugly

It’s a fun post, given the past week or two’s “it’s all about racism” theme in the media.   Give it a read.