Fun Shirt – Psycho Teddy

Psycho Teddy Shirt - menace or threat?

Psycho Teddy Shirt - menace or threat?

Here’s another innocuous item that has been declared Unclean by the High Sheriffs of Psycho Outrage.  It’s a Menace to the Children, you see.  (Won’t  Somebody  Please  Think  Of  The  Children???)

On this basis, I am considering a purchase and urge the reader to do so as well.

Update :

Maybe I’ll get this one instead; it’s nicer and cheaper :

Look sharp!

Look sharp!

Advertisements Political Correctness Watch Donuts

From article posted today :

“We made it very different, because if we didn’t, it would be like any other donut shop. Because our donuts look and taste crazy, we chose a fitting name. Because donuts have no feelings, they won’t be upset that we’re making fun of them.” Berdianski wrote.

“Because we love Campbell, we chose our location. Because we will not fire our eight employees, we won’t shut down the shop. Because of First Amendment rights, we won’t change our name. Some groups are going after us…because they are bullies.

“Because there are a million donut shops, everyone has a choice. Because most people have a sense of humor and like our donuts, we are thriving.”

It’s actually kinda funny how permutations of the same article can be posted for months on end…

Psycho Donuts Review