You find the oddest things on teh inturwebs

Like this image…

obama needs to make up his mind, apparently

It kinda reminds me of this inanity  :

… which of course, is about as sensible as :


“Obama Hitler” Poster carried by Union Plant!

Single-payer Heathcare Advocates with Obama Hitler sign

Single-payer Heathcare Advocates with Obama Hitler sign

It turns out that the big Obama / Hitler sign wasnt being carried by “Right-wing Republicans” at all.  The guy in the picture is ID’d as a Union activist… and supporter of John Dingell.  For that matter, the poster is from Lyndon LaRouche’s pro-Single Payer Healthcare website, not some right-wing source.

It sure is a mighty big coincidence that all this Obama Hitler stuff magically  shows up after Nancy Pelosi asserted that it existed.

Funny petition page…

Take a look at this petition; under the “demands” are only pictures.  Apparently, they are demanding donuts and Nazism.

Scary… no wonder only 8 people signed.

Disagree with Daniel Weaver? You’re a Nazi!

Poor guy thinks this is about traffic, so he doesn’t want to be honest and link my posts. Oh well.

My friends from the good ol’ STM War Room will appreciate the lack of proportion indicated by the following quote :

I especially want to thank the very devout Catholic blogger from Campbell, California who claims to be pro-life but espouses the same attitudes toward the mentally ill that the Nazis did.

Now lets see… how many countless people were murdered by the Nazis because they considered the disabled to be “useless eaters” and “life unworthy of life”? You’d think that there’d be a pretty high bar for declaring equivalence, wouldn’t you? Well, our friend Daniel Weaver is willing to declare donuts to be the same as a highly organized murder campaign. What are the mental processes by which that conclusion is reached?

This guy is the poster child for Godwin’s Law!

Well… as he’s stalking his way around teh intertubes, he could pause and do some reading, and consider how Nazi “attitudes” might somehow be worse than donuts covered in Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs.

(Note this is a duplicate of this post on my main blog.)