Obama vs. Dissent

Scary stuff.  The Department of Homeland Security was used to investigate groups that don’t toe the Democrat line on abortion.

Obama Admin, Free Speech and Jim Crow…

Interesting info from “rhymes with right” –

Yeah, that is right. Barack Obama stood before the people of the United States and praised legislation introduced by a fellow Democrat who preceded him in the US Senate, one of the most vile enemies of African-Americans to ever serve in the United States Senate, a despicable man who owed his election to public office to his participation in an armed assault upon a body of black soldiers during Reconstruction and the lynching of several of these soldiers, and a dangerous demagogue who was censured for his physical assault of another Senator on the floor of the US Senate and barred from the White House over the incident. Indeed, an honest observer could rightly refer to the Tillman Act, lauded today by Obama and his fellow enemies of free speech, as the “Shut Up The N*gger-Lovers Act of 1907”. If I were to construct a case to demonstrate the fundamental evil of allowing government to censor and silence disfavored speech, this piece of legislation that successfully silenced the voices of those who supported constitutional rights for all Americans would stand as Exhibit A in that effort.

So today we stand at a crossroads, faced with the choice between listening to a respected jurist as he defends the First Amendment and an adjunct law school faculty member (speaking far beyond his pay grade) to defend a Jim Crow law he finds politically advantageous to support.

(Some) Democrats vs. the First Amendment

Apparently, if free people that have a right to free speech organize themselves into the wrong kind of group (ie, a corporation), they should lose their free speech rights.  The Founding Dads are spinning in their graves…

… some appropriate music, maestro …

The Left v. Free Speech (#21,692 in a series)

UFCW’s Speech should be free; that of others? Not so much.

Well, well, well….  the UFCW is sending out their finest astroturf to suppress free speech when it dissents from the Obamacare Party line.  However, when someone takes them to court over one of their websites, they cry “foul!”.  Nice, huh?

(Interestingly, the WalMart suit they winge about seems to only be forcing them to cease using the WalMart logo without permission; hardly the same as trying to punish a private citizen to political discourse.)