Not just Smug – *Facebook* Smug

I'm sorry do my posts about equal rights gub violence helping   poor and standing up for the right all americans access affordible healthcare smug annoy you food instagram facebook right off a cliff lemmings


Nice of facebook to add a “ticker”…

…. so that I can see people announce they’re moving to google+/

How I’ve been wasting my time lately… hobowars

odd logo-y hobowars image

Click on tjis to play; I get stuff w/in the game if you do.

Censored by Facebook!

OK, a fair cop, but society’s to blame.

Gloria Allred's Cloven Hooves - BANNED!

Facebook message to yours truly

“Boycott Whole Foods” facebook group is… consistent

I joined the “Boycott Whole Foods” facebook group, made a couple posts about the importance of Free Speech and the free exchange of  ideas…  and was promptly kicked out of the group.

It’s heartwarming to see people stick to some kind of consistent principle… though it’s distressing that that principle is silencing those who diagree with you.