The Mentally Ill and blogging about The Catholic Church

Ah, the stalker is at it again. He loves linking (or even quoting) random pronouncements by the Catholic Church (such as Cardinal Lozano Barragán. Daniel Weaver then always goes on to pretend that somehow his enemies reject what was said.  One could, in fact, argue that he seems to conflate the disease and the person with the disease, which is very much against the spirit of the text.

This behavior is, of course,  the flip side of what he does with Nazis – quoting them and then pretending that his enemies agree with them.

Hint to Dan “the stalker”  Weaver :  you might want to read some of these texts before trying to exploit them;  none of them seem to ever be germane to your “case” (whatever that might be now).

Why do people use SO MANY TAGS?

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… and another thing…

Our friend Dan Weaver’s many Nazi posts seem to be a good example of a lack of self-awareness I see in the anti-doughnut jihadis. They like to blather about opposing promotion of supposed “stigma”, but they have no problem casting actual stigmas on those who dare to disagree with their accusations. They call people Nazis.

Or maybe equating people with Nazi killers isn’t a stigma by their definition?

These folks would impress Orwell.

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Disagree with Daniel Weaver? You’re a Nazi!

Poor guy thinks this is about traffic, so he doesn’t want to be honest and link my posts. Oh well.

My friends from the good ol’ STM War Room will appreciate the lack of proportion indicated by the following quote :

I especially want to thank the very devout Catholic blogger from Campbell, California who claims to be pro-life but espouses the same attitudes toward the mentally ill that the Nazis did.

Now lets see… how many countless people were murdered by the Nazis because they considered the disabled to be “useless eaters” and “life unworthy of life”? You’d think that there’d be a pretty high bar for declaring equivalence, wouldn’t you? Well, our friend Daniel Weaver is willing to declare donuts to be the same as a highly organized murder campaign. What are the mental processes by which that conclusion is reached?

This guy is the poster child for Godwin’s Law!

Well… as he’s stalking his way around teh intertubes, he could pause and do some reading, and consider how Nazi “attitudes” might somehow be worse than donuts covered in Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs.

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Some context …

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Starting out – answering my cyberstalker!

Hiya…  I’m starting this blog in response to my first evah cyberstalker.

He’s made some posts about me that seem to violate wordpress’ terms of service (heck, technically, his whole blog does so) … so I dunno how long it will be around.  Anyhoo, here’s the link to Dan Weaver’s blog, so you can see for yourself!

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