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The Circus will be in town this weekend…

Apparently the Assorted Nuts will be protesting Psycho Donuts this weekend.  Should be some entertainment for a warm, sunny day.  I’ll have to remember to bring a cold drink that goes with donuts.

Psycho Donuts really should start selling iced coffee…

Nami the Clown

Nami the Clown

Update: Psycho posting on craigslist.  (To be transcribed at a later date.)

Teknikal Diffikultez!

funny pictures of cats with captions

Make Donuts, not War!

So let me see if I understand this. The protestors are mad over the shop’s name and theme? Really? It’s a donut shop, get over it. They showed some young woman who could barely spit out a complete sentence talking about how it was disrespectful to the soldiers coming home with head trauma. Um, no it isn’t. I don’t know the owners, I live on the other side of the country from this shop, and I can tell from here it’s just their shtick and that they mean no disrespect to anyone. Where in that shop does it say they are making fun of disabled soldiers? Where in the shop does it call out the fact they are making fun of any mental patients?

(From “Time to make the donuts” on the Stop Destroying Our Country blog.)

Dough Boy

More comment-y cluelessness…

“chatostewart” asks the musical question

Wow, I wonder if you would be siding with the discriminating Donuts shop if made a joke out of something that has caused you years of pain and suffering? What if … your loved one died of cancer, would you eat a Colon Cancer Hole[?]

Sorry, but the word “Cancer” is not the main reason I’d avoid that particular food.

Hint: it begins with “C”.  I’ll wait…

… still waiting …

… time’s almost up …

Right!  The word is “Colon”.  “Colon”  is not a yummy word… in fact, it represents the opposite of eating.  Adding the word “hole” only underlines the problem…. making “Cancer” the most appetizing word in the name.  Ironic, ain’t it?

Cancer  Doughnut (Astrologically speakin')

Cancer Doughnut (Astrologically speakin') - yum

Well, OK maybe the crab-shaped donut was not the most attractive thing, but compare that to this :

Colon - yucky

Colon - yucky


Oh yeah, remember that there are far worse pictures of colons out there.  You know this to be true. 

Tim Burton weighs in against politcal correctness

for children.

“I don’t know why adults keep fighting that. They keep fighting the fairy tales that have been told since the beginning of mankind. They’re fighting Pinocchio. They forget what it’s like to be kids. Kids like to be scared.
“Most great children’s literature is politically incorrect, so I don’t know why they can’t get used to it by now.
“Dr. Seuss, there’s something wrong with him. His stuff was, at the time, considered having communist implications. I don’t see it myself but certain people do see those kinds of things.
“Real people, real life, your neighbours – that’s scary.”
And the Nightmare Before Christmas moviemaker insists such political correctness often makes it hard for him to do his job.
He explains, “When I was first doing stuff like Beetlejuice or Batman I used to get a lot of s**t for things being dark… When I was working on Nightmare Before Christmas I had endless arguments with the studio heads who said, ‘You can’t have a main character that’s got no eyeballs. How is someone gonna feel about somebody with just eye sockets?’
“It’s those kinds of things that really kind of wear you down.

How much worse are the would-be nannies who would infantilize adults by limiting their freedoms?  Just askin’.

Ich bin?

Makes the JFK == Jelly Donut thing all the more funny.  The word “Berliner” in “Ich bin ein Berliner”, can refer to a type of Jelly doughnut made in Berlin.

If good  ol’ Jack Kennedy called himself a donut, maybe Psycho DOnuts could run with that.  Heck maybe that is included in Oscar Wright’s secret plan?  Change three letters (“MHT” becomes “JFK”) and all the protesters go away?



Psycho blogger compares John F Kennedy to a doughnut

No, really.  He did.  Even when posting ALL IN CAPS LIKE HE’S YELLING, he still doesn’t surpass the ice pick page for sheer over-the-to-ness.

Here’s a handy guide for the perplexed :

Fig. A - Pastry

Fig. A - Pastry

Fig B - Pastry

Fig B - Pastry

Fig C - President

Fig C - President

Fig D - Pastry

Fig D - Pastry

Fig E - President (full of pastries)

Fig E - President (full of pastries)

Fig F - Pastry pretending to be President

Fig F - Pastry pretending to be President

I hope this clears everything up.

The Super Bowl of Hyperbole!

OK, granted our favorite stalker’s Godwin FAIL is technically much more hyperbolic (he directly references an entire country and millions of deaths)… but he shrinks away from specifics.

The good folks at “Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services” have generated some of the following text, regarding Psycho Donuts :

Featuring a “padded cell” exploits the worst historic abuses of the mental health system, where people with mental health disabilities were sometimes starved, tied to beds, beaten, and subject to “ice pick lobotomies,” electroconvulsive shock treatments, and immobilizing medications.

And also …

Finally, after a life of institutionalized abuse, people with mental disabilities were dumped into unmarked, sometimes mass graves, deprived of all human dignity. “Psycho Donuts” is located just 12 miles from the former Agnews State Hospital, where over 8,751 people were buried in unmarked graves. But “Psycho Donuts” doesn’t just reference history.

Sorry, but I haven’t seen an “unmarked grave” doughnut there.  It might be cool for Hallowe’en, though.  Still, the point here is that the donut shop in question doesn’t “reference” the hospital in question.  Heck, the vast majority of residents of Silicon Valley know nothing about it, unless maybe they work for Sun. People going to the doughnut shop surely aren’t thinking of lurid tales of ice picks.

This is a good example of what I’ve been seeing; it seems like the people that are getting worked up about these doughnuts are reacting to images inside their own head.  Not in the heads of doughnut makers, or customers, or “the children”.

“Cops and Donuts” takes “unthinkable, terrible” concept… and runs with it!

A commenter on another blog, who goes by the name of “hymes“, when reacting to a condemnatory description of Psycho Donuts suggested :

Would they have water boarding for kids or even “the hole” as in prisons for kids in any donut shop?

Well, the awesome people over at Cops and Doughnuts, the 100% cop-owned doughnut shop in Clare, Mi have realized the dream!  Can it get any more awesome?

The Hole

The Hole

The Hole - Inside

The Hole - Inside

The Hole - key hook

The Hole - key hook

A disturbing point made in the Psycho Donuts “debate”

At a certain point in the discussion, Oscar Write quoted some study or other that stated the 66% of parents expressed “concern” with “medication”.

He said it like it was a bad thing.

It seems that there is a fair amount of evidence that children are being over medicated these days, so surely any parent worth their salt would be concerned about medicating their child. It just stands to reason.

Anyhow Wright was using this as yet another example of some bad thing that could somehow be attributed to the “stigma” that can somehow be blamed on donuts.

Funny petition page…

Take a look at this petition; under the “demands” are only pictures.  Apparently, they are demanding donuts and Nazism.

Scary… no wonder only 8 people signed.

Delicious “Cancer Ice Cream”

My neighborhood donut shop caused quite the stir for a while … an d still seems to in some online quarters.  So I’ve been watching the “fun” for a while now. A common trope seems to be to compare “mental illness” to AIDS or cancer. Today, I saw yet another variant in the comments here :

(Rachel Weldon) … I know, let’s start a “Chillin with cancer” ice cream shop & see what people think. You could have bald nurses & people hooked up to fake IV’s of Chemo. Funny? Lighthearted? Obviously not. Mental illness is a debilitating disease, which causes many people to lose their loved ones, their freedom, and in worst cases their lives. . .

A couple of things occur.

First, a “Chillin’ with Cancer Ice Cream” shop isn’t funny (at least as described).  “Psycho Donuts”  and “Heart Attack Grill” are funny.  Funny kinda just is.  If someone thinks about it, then declares that, yes, it has all of the proper elements of “funny”… he probably isn’t laughing.

Second, we are told that 26 Percent of US Adults suffer from “mental illness”… and some claim that is a conservative estimate. If that is the case, then the cancer comparison simply goes out the window.  It’s simply a fact that 1/4 the population of the USA is not experiencing anything close to dying of cancer.  So the analogy is simply false.


Obama Admin begins to demonize CBO!

Apparently, the Congressional Budget Office is doing it’s job (figuring how much things will cost) too well.

Some impressions on the Psycho Donut “debate”

Well, Psycho Donuts owner Kipp Berdiansky and Oscar Wright had their chat this morning at 6:30 am on local channel, KTVU.   This is a result of a few local groups  having decided to become offended by local Donut Shop, Psycho Donuts.  (The protesters seem to have gone away at this point, having been reduced to posting yelp spam and blog rants.)

Here’s a few impressions.

Oscar Wright didn’t seem to really be able to tie his argument together; he seemed to think that merely saying that 3 kajillion kids would have mental health problem X.  Since he had a vague notion that Psycho Donuts would somehow worsen problem X, he simply assumed that all right-thinking people would therfore see that the donut shop was very, very bad.  It’s the kind of argument that people that already agree with you will accept, but has not power to convince, or even explain.

An example :  “1 out of 5 children per year(!) consider suicide” … was given as a reason why the “images children are bombarded with” need to be controlled.   Then, wee’re meant to leap to the conclusion that a big part of these “images” is … having a donut or two.   No reasosn are really given, they are links in a chain of assumption.

The assertion that things must be done “for the children”.  Helen Lovejoy killed the raw force of that argument years ago; unless some kind of evidence is given to indicate that “the children” are being harmed, it’s very easy to laugh off.

For the last several minutes of the discussion, Wright tried to get Berdiansky to agree some kind of The Grand Sixty Day Plan he’d cooked up.  First, he asked if Berdiansky would agree to “talk off air”, when that seems agreeable, more an more was added (it started to sound  like Wright wanted a series of meeings with many, many people).  Next, he wanted the meetings to be about making a plan to change the dout shop… which kind of an arrogant thing to ask from a business owner (“Hey, let’s split the difference on how you run your business.”)  Apparently Wright was a regional administartor in California’s Small Business Administration bureaucracy.  Maybe that kind of  background gets one  in the habit of seeing businesses as owing you concessions.

Oh, at the end of sixty days, Wright wnats to issue a joing press release. Huh.

Berdiansky asked Wright to share soem of his suggestions out in the open (they were, after all, both on TV to inform the public). Wright expressed  reluctance to come forward with his “plan” for changing Psycho Donuts – he said he wished to avoid the “sensationalism” of discussing it on TV in “one or two minutes”.

With all due respect for Rosy Chu, this is a show being shown at 6:30 am, with probably dozens of viewers. What would be the harm in giving a rough idea?  I live in Campbell; I don;t think that blood woukld flow in the streets if Wrights Ideal Donut Shoppe concepts turned out to be lame.

More later, pr’haps…

The Mentally Ill and blogging about The Catholic Church

Ah, the stalker is at it again. He loves linking (or even quoting) random pronouncements by the Catholic Church (such as Cardinal Lozano Barragán. Daniel Weaver then always goes on to pretend that somehow his enemies reject what was said.  One could, in fact, argue that he seems to conflate the disease and the person with the disease, which is very much against the spirit of the text.

This behavior is, of course,  the flip side of what he does with Nazis – quoting them and then pretending that his enemies agree with them.

Hint to Dan “the stalker”  Weaver :  you might want to read some of these texts before trying to exploit them;  none of them seem to ever be germane to your “case” (whatever that might be now).

Bad Library Books!

Now here is a cool blog; it dredges up bad choices from the local library.

crafts for retarded

when childen invite abuse

CNSNews.com Political Correctness Watch Donuts

From article posted today :

“We made it very different, because if we didn’t, it would be like any other donut shop. Because our donuts look and taste crazy, we chose a fitting name. Because donuts have no feelings, they won’t be upset that we’re making fun of them.” Berdianski wrote.

“Because we love Campbell, we chose our location. Because we will not fire our eight employees, we won’t shut down the shop. Because of First Amendment rights, we won’t change our name. Some groups are going after us…because they are bullies.

“Because there are a million donut shops, everyone has a choice. Because most people have a sense of humor and like our donuts, we are thriving.”

It’s actually kinda funny how permutations of the same article can be posted for months on end…

Kerry and Boxer Staffers “rebut” Palin!

So the Washington Post has published an OpEd piece, signed by John Kerry and Senator Ma’am. It is meant to be a refutation of Sarah Palin’s OpEd on “Cap-and-Tax”.

It starts out with the assertion that they hope “for a substantive dialogue” and that they “want to put facts ahead of fiction and real debate ahead of rhetorical bomb-throwing.” The problem, though, is that they piece is pretty much void of substantive anything, and is just bomb-throwing.

Heck, in the paragraph that immediately follows, they pretend that Palin opposes “clean energy legislation” as if that was identical to the “cap-and-trade” bill. Do they even understand their own bill?

Other than making a couple of undefended assertions, that the bill (somehow) will Save Us All and that the bill will (somehow) create Millions of Jobs(!), there is nothing that comes close to addressing the bill or why it should be supported. The rest of the article can be summarized as this : “If you are against our bill, you are just like people who opposed clean water”. That’s it read it yourself and count the number of times this trope repeats, with “acid rain”, “superfund”, etc.

If they wanted to take a stab at substance they could have given some examples of the assertion that “Each time, our environmental laws have cleaned the water we drink, the air we breathe and the communities we live in at far lower cost than initially expected”. It isn’t relevant to cap-and-trade, but it would be interesting if true.

Wow! *Another* donut shop for the list… in Seattle!

I’d complete forgotten about Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts; reminded by the Something We Dreamed blog.

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance to go to Murder Burger. Too far.

“Debate?” Doesn’t sound like it…

Snicker…  why would Oscar Wright issue a press release like this :

While on air, Wright challenged Berdiansky to meet again outside of the media spotlight to engage in further discussions about changing negative public opinions about mental illness. Berdiansky repeatedly sidestepped the offer saying he would only do so in public…

This was billed as a debate… or at least a discussion of issues.  Who cares that the Psycho Donut guys didn’t want to meet with him personally, so that he could help them shut down their business and maybe open a different one.


If Mr Wright wants to be taken seriously, he needs to explain his seemly elitist (or even misanthropic) idea that (for example) a Massive Head Trauma doughnut “leads to misunderstandings and confusion and furthers the stigma associated with a physical brain disorder that is not a choice”.

Ah well, more later, maybe.

Psycho Donuts Review

Crazy Eddie Christmas Blowout!

Marketing Survey

From a (five star!) review of Psycho Donuts :

I don’t want my money to encourage these inconsiderate and insensitive people to exist in our business community. What next crispy cripples? Swine flue punch? Herpie Pie? Obese fudge? Crack cocaine frosting? Alcoholic’s hangover soda, Making fun of people is not cool and neither is smoking cigarettes. These people want to make money….

Which made me wonder… how do these stack up?

So let’s find out! Please be honest; if you had to pick one, which would it be? Assume that it’s a legitimate, tasty food, just with a non-standard name.

Try your luck – follow  the link below to a special poll!

What food product name would most cause you to try it?

… and another thing…

Our friend Dan Weaver’s many Nazi posts seem to be a good example of a lack of self-awareness I see in the anti-doughnut jihadis. They like to blather about opposing promotion of supposed “stigma”, but they have no problem casting actual stigmas on those who dare to disagree with their accusations. They call people Nazis.

Or maybe equating people with Nazi killers isn’t a stigma by their definition?

These folks would impress Orwell.

(Previously published here.)

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