More comment-y cluelessness…

“chatostewart” asks the musical question

Wow, I wonder if you would be siding with the discriminating Donuts shop if made a joke out of something that has caused you years of pain and suffering? What if … your loved one died of cancer, would you eat a Colon Cancer Hole[?]

Sorry, but the word “Cancer” is not the main reason I’d avoid that particular food.

Hint: it begins with “C”.  I’ll wait…

… still waiting …

… time’s almost up …

Right!  The word is “Colon”.  “Colon”  is not a yummy word… in fact, it represents the opposite of eating.  Adding the word “hole” only underlines the problem…. making “Cancer” the most appetizing word in the name.  Ironic, ain’t it?

Cancer  Doughnut (Astrologically speakin')

Cancer Doughnut (Astrologically speakin') - yum

Well, OK maybe the crab-shaped donut was not the most attractive thing, but compare that to this :

Colon - yucky

Colon - yucky


Oh yeah, remember that there are far worse pictures of colons out there.  You know this to be true.