Ms. Magazine sez : “Math is Hard!”

Math Class is tough

Apparently “feminist economist”, Susan F. Feiner isn’t all that woried about unprecedented, out-of-control ballooning debt.  Mostly ‘cuz :

We can just print money to pay it all off! Hooray! In her own words :

There is absolutely no bookkeeping, accounting or arithmetic possibility that the U.S. could “run out of money.” How could we? “We, the people” control the availability of dollars! And that means our government can, during a crisis of unemployment, spend what it wants to spend. Any other fiscal policy will cause more unnecessary pain and suffering.

Besides, this hedge fund manager guy, Barton Biggs, has a plan on which all that borrowed money could be spent.   A Barton is a smart guy, and is probably like totally cute,  so she takes on faith that that  will be AwesomeCool.

For more, read “Math is hard” story @ their website.   It’s main argument involved bird sounds.  Seriously.  Caw caw. See for yourself.


1 Comment

  1. Truth said,

    2011/08/25 at 7:54 pm

    “Then a quick click here, and a quick click there
    Here a click, there a click, now a little quick click
    Then the U.S. paid its debt, we won’t, we don’t owe.”

    This is absolutely the most moronic thing I have read in quite some time….and I frequently read the comments section of Youtube!!

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