I must not think bad thoughts; I must not think bad thoughts…

The Ace of Spades blog has some interesting thoughts about Obama supporters and “preference cascades” :

This gets into my point about Obama and polling. Race undeniably helped Obama. This is also obvious.

But as people begin leaving wait-and-see mode and entering evaluate-and-judge, are they going to keep thinking “Well, he’s black, so I should studiously scour any and all negative thoughts from my mind, even though he’s brought my family and my business little but misery for three years” or are they going to think, “Gee, maybe I shouldn’t have voted for him last time just because he was black. Maybe this time I should ask about his actual accomplishments and qualifications, apart from his general resemblance to a mash-up of a Heroic Young Crusader played by Will Smith and a Gentle Older Sage played by Morgan Freeman.”

Preference cascade — when once-falsified (falsified even to oneself)suppressed ideas are suddenly too glaringly obvious to be falsified any further and break, unexpectedly and tectonically, from the repressed subconscious to the conscious mind.


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