Apparently, those “missing” votes in Wisconsin were never missing.

Sound like the only place the votes were “missing” was from the totals reported to the Associated Press.  The correct numbers were even reported by the local paper that night :

It doesn’t matter if Ramona “The ‘Jibe’ Lady” Kitzinger recants, or says she’s confused, or pours Jello down her pants and runs around Brookfield. On the night of the election, the City of Brookfield sent their numbers to at least two entities — Waukesha county clerk Kathy Nickolaus and the Brookfield Patch, a small independent newspaper run by former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Lisa Sink. Later that night, the Brookfield Patch published the numbers — the very same numbers that Kathy Nickolaus forgot to report to the Associated Press that same evening.

So there wasn’t anything even remotely wrong with the voting itself. Nickolaus’s error was simply in the reporting of the legally cast votes. The votes are all there and safely accounted for — the only real issue is that when the AP says poll results are “unofficial,” nobody really seems to care. (Incidentally, if misleading the Associated Press were actually a crime, most of America’s elected officials would be serving life sentences.)

Amusingly, the Democrats are using this as fund-raising fodder.




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