How to spot an extremist

There’s a helpful guide at Human Events today.  A sample :

Godwin’s Law Violations: Godwin’s Law states that every online argument eventually degenerates into Nazi comparisons.  The most widely quoted corollary of this law is that the first person to compare their political opponents to Nazis loses the argument, as they have run out of ideas.

For example, Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY), who ran out of ideas decades ago, said of Republican budget reforms pertaining to abortion funding: “You have to keep a receipt [if you get an abortion.]  Did you know that?  It’s sort of like an old German Nazi movie.  Show me your papers!”

As a reminder, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party launched a war that engulfed the entire world, killing around 70 million people, including the millions callously slaughtered in their genocidal Holocaust.  This is not remotely comparable in any way to debating the funding of a taxpayer subsidy to a billion-dollar corporation like Planned Parenthood.


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