Charlie Manson of Killer Whales performs again!

um, yay.

There is just so much that’s odd about this story about Tilikum, the killer whale.

First –

Thunderous applause greeted SeaWorld’s Tilikum Thursday as the killer whale returned to the theme park’s big stage

Leaving aside the question of why you’d applaud an animal – thunderous applause and a small fish is worth a small fish to it, why would people cheer an animal that killed three human beings?

Second –

SeaWorld officials said that it was the killer whale’s “choice” to perform in the Believe show Thursday morning and that none of the park’s whales are coerced to participate.

Wait… choose?  “Show of flippers – who wants to preform today? OK…. Tili … but try not to kill in front of people, OK?”   Anthropomorphize much,  guys?  Sheesh.

Orca, my ass! sez  hydar blog


  1. Zume said,

    2011/04/07 at 10:33 am

    The sad thing is that they didn’t applaud Tilikum *because* he actually fought against his captors, they applauded to see the captive perform menial tricks for their amusement. I think that says a lot about the arrogance of humans, that they could take such joy out of the suffering of an intelligent creature just because it’s not a human. (though, I suspect that many of them would take the same pleasure out of incarcerated humans being forced to perform too)

    • dhydar said,

      2011/04/07 at 11:10 pm

      Sorry, but people >> killer whales. It strikes me as ironic that you’ve committed yourself to anthropomorphism to such a high degree while simultaneously degrading the humanity of actual people. More importantly, it strikes me as sad.

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