No wonder Peter Beinart falls back on Racism

It doesn’t like he’s all that bright.  If you can’t make a reasonable argument, you can at lease call the other side “racist”.  As an example of his non-brightness, here’s some selections  his latest from the Daily Beast (“The GOP argues it would be undemocratic for Democrats to pass health-care reform using reconciliation. But, Peter Beinart argues, that’s how our republic works. “).

First, notice how he doesn’t give an example of any Republican saying that “reconciliation” is “undemocratic” per se.  (Granted some Democrats did make that claim back in the Bush era, maybe that’s what he’s thinking of…)   The “undemocratic” part comes in when the President and his congressional cronies try to ram through a bill that at most 30% of the American people would want.  If you ignore the vast majority of the people (the demos) … yeah, that’s undemocratic.

Eventually, Beinart manages to acknowledge that the polls are against Obamacare … but, claims that is poll “describe”  Obamacare people just loooove it.  (No references, so one can only assume he’s talking about polls that show that you can get a majority for some parts of the various Democrat bills.  Given the complexity of these bills, it’s doubtful that a poll could involve anything like a fair description of it.)

Here’s some more :

Senate Republicans are employing the filibuster more than any Congress in history. (In the 19th Century, the Senate witnessed about one filibuster per decade.

Beinhart is comparing apples and oranges.  Filibusters are rare; that’s because it’s a filibuster if it succeeds.  Where were all these successful filibusters in 2009/2010?  No where.  Oops.

More later, maybe.  Must get sleep.


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