Non-“creationists” include people who consider The Flintsones true!

… well… at least some do.

Here’s a chart from :

Prehistory Pie... yummy

Granted, there’s lots of fuzz regarding the definition of “creationist”… but it’s reasonable to say that people who don’t deny that “humans evolved from earlier species” are not “creationists”.  So the percentage of non-creationists in the above chart is : 14 + 35 = 49%.  The percentage of people who think that dinos and humans lived together is 30 + 30 = 60%.   Simple logic tells us that these two sets overlap.

The simplistic assumption typically made is that the two pies would match.

It would be cool if they indicated how the answers to the two questions correlate.

Finally, it’s weird that they would do surveys of registered voters on this… why?


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