Weirdness and donuts

I came across Psycho Donuts on a “Top 10 Weird Donuts” list.  Not sure why they chose the Donut Fries  as the prime example of “weird” there.   Donut Fries are “weird” in the same  way that the fast food kid’s meal option of  “apple fries with carmel dipping sauce” is “weird”.  Why not the “Psycho Donut” …  which involves pretzels and a bit of chili powder? The Nutty Cookie Monster?  Even the “Headbanger”  (actually, the “Massive Head Trauma” donut.  The official name was changed due to threats from the soulless forces of political correctness.)

Anyhoo… the list in question seemed to be more about foreign donuts than weird donuts.  (“Gasp!  Pumpkin?  In a sweat treat?  Those Crazy Spaniards!!!  Coconut custard filling???  In  a donuts?!??!!  Thai MADNESS!!!”)

Is “weird” really “cute” or “foreign”?  I sez no.

donut usb drives

Now *these* are weird donuts (if edible).


1 Comment

  1. ridiculousawesome said,

    2010/04/18 at 3:07 pm

    Nacho Donut should be on here.

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