White House moved to parallel Universe?

mirror mirror universe spock

The White House issued this oddity today:

The President is adamant that we seize this historic moment to pass meaningful health insurance reform legislation. He began this process by inviting Republican and Democratic leaders to the White House on March 5 of last year, and he’s continued to work with both parties in crafting the best possible bill. He’s been very clear about his support for the House and Senate bills because of what they achieve for the American people: putting a stop to insurance company abuses, extending coverage to millions of hardworking Americans, getting control of rising premiums and out-of-pocket costs, and reducing the deficit.

Wha….?  OK, granted, the White House rarely acknowledges that locked the Republicans out of the process.  However, it spend lots of time blaming the Republicans for not participating.   How can Obama turn arond and claim that he’s been working with them the whole time?  Hell, half the time he wasn’t even working with the Congressional Democrats.  For a good chunk of the time, it seemed like he was just letting Reid and Pelosi simply have at.

The Obama and his administration seem to have no problem piling contradictions upon contradictions.  Can’t they even grasp the idea that there stories should at least be logically consistent?

Obama was supposed to be the post-racial President; maybe he’ll be the post-rational President instead.

parallel universe cartman


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