CNN’s most impressive talent : finding swatikas!

So, as part of my Jet Blue All You Can Jet Pass, I’m in Washington DC this weekend.  I spent all day at the 9/12 protest at the Capitol, mostly wandering around looking at people’s signs and chit-chatting.  I was there for an hour or two before seeing on swatika. Heck, I was even carrying a sign that asked :

Wait … where are the swatikas?  … or at least Obama with a Chaplin mustache?

on one side, and :

Got Swastika?  (The Post said they’d be here…)

on the other side.

Anyhoo, the second swastika I saw was at a Lyndon LaRouche table (what a surprise).

Now what do I see on their main article on the the various rallies across the country? A sign with a swastika.  (The second, is a legit picture of one of the speakers in Louisville, though photographed in scary mode, from below.. at a weird angle.  The third?  Nuts that want violent revolution.)

cnn loves nazi symbols

Maybe all the boring people came to DC, leaving the violent psychos and CNN reports unattended?

More likely, the CNN template needed to be followed.  Sigh.


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