Orwellian Language at commondreams.org


I found this little nugget over at commondreams.org where they are joining the lefty  dog-pile on Whole Foods :

Calling Out Whole Foods: Whole Foods Quietly Cutting Employee Free Choice

by Annie Shattuck & Zoe Brent

While Whole Foods CEO John Mackey recently publicly inflamed the health care debate, behind the scenes Whole Foods has been quietly dismantling a key piece of legislation that would make it easier for workers who want to form a union to do so.

Whole Foods and Starbucks are backing a “compromise” to strip the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) of a key provision. The so-called “card-check” provision would require employers to recognize its employees’ union once a majority has signed union authorization cards. Currently, employers often refuse to recognize new unions even if all their employees have signed up. New contracts often take years to negotiate, meanwhile workers are frequently subject to harassment and sometimes fired. The card-check provision is so central to this legislation, it has been called “the card-check bill.”

The huge problem with card check is that it eliminates the secret ballot, allowing workers to be pressured by coworkers  or even outright threatened by union goons.  Note that the wording above makes it sound like the legislation is merely allowing workers to join unions…. which they already can, obviously.

It’s very 1984 for these folks to portray a bill that would restrict the freedom of workers as one that would increase their freedom.

(BTW, the rest of the article is rather chaotic, zigging and zagging from one factoid about Walmart to another about labor history to another about Medicare.)

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