Walmart no longer the Devil?!?

Hee hee…   I stumbled on this whole doing by boycott-surfing today :

i will say that i did go to walmart today to do my grocery shopping since whole foods doesn’t want my money. i found a bag of bare naked granola for $2.50 versus the exact same bag costing $5.99 at whole foods. WHAT IS WITH THE MARKUP??…

Up till a few days ago, WalMart was the Great Satan.  I guess some folks need an enemy, but only have the emotion/mental energy to have one enemy at a time.  Whole Foods has bumped WalMart.

Come to think of it, could WalMart be behind this frivolous boycott of Whole Foods?  Look at this face and tell me he’s not plotting and planning :


Anyhoo, it cracks me up how many  Whole Foods shoppers suddenly realized how spensy Whole Foods is.  (Maybe I should say “purported” shoppers?  Could actual people shopping at WF really not notice the huge cash register numbers?)


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