“Psycho Donuts much better than Psycho Medications”

Check out Is Something Not Quite Right With Stan , for the voice of one of those that the High Sheriffs of Political Correctness claim to speak for :

From what I can gather from all the web articles and those so called mental health advocates; there has been quite a Brouhaha going on about this Donuts Shop in Northern California calling itself “Psycho Donuts” –

NAMI and like organizations have actually made this some type of laughable social correctness pet issue.

I have to wonder now if BIG PhRMA is concerned people will stop taking their mind poisons; and instead take the donuts options for all those new DSM-V diagnosis? There is little doubt they would end up much healthier, with less disabling side effects, and with much less weight gain on donuts verses the Psych Drugs Model.

Plus the cost difference could actually make Health Coverage for every American a distinct Possibility. Maybe President Obama should look into this as an effective cost saving measure when selling his shaky health reform package to the House of Representatives?

Anywise, you would think those so called silly clowns at NAMI and like front organizations for PhRMA would have better things to do than complain about donuts.



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