*Local* Conspiracy Theory Time!

This cracked me up… lots of ordinary folks show up to protest “Senator Ma’am”… making it obvious to anyone with eyes that they were not some kinda Brooks Brothers shills of the Evil Insurance Industry.  So, say you have an emotional stake in the idea that real Americans couldn’t possibly be showing up in these numbers with very little advance warning.  How to you deal with it?

Well, you decide that the motorists honking in support are the shills:

Someone on the Left watched carefully and said that a lot of the honking and drive-by responses were staged, as she saw some of the same cars come by several times. The tea baggers did get a few digital salutes! Yes, we ARE in California after all, and most people abhor the tea party extremist stance. As for the tea baggers, they must feel so marginalized living in our midst. I actually found myself feeling sorry for them at one point (the feeling passed quickly); they could use the counseling offered by a darling Lucy look-alike who had a Psychiatric Help booth.

The cops aren’t gonna pull anyone over to check.  Your fantasy life can continue undisturbed.  That, plus the fetish for using gay lingo like “teabaggers” should allow a certain leftie to hold his emotional life together for a while longer.

(Digression – this guy’s idea reminds me of what a Cuban friend of mine told be back in High School. Back in the day, Castro’s government would tell the Cubans that there people in the USA didn’t really all have cars; all that footage of US freeways in the movies was done with the same  few dozen cars… driving in a big circle.)


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